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Why PR Coaching Can Really Boost Your Business Profile 

As business owners, we all know we should invest some time in doing some PR work after all it's an essential tool in raising the profile of your business, and getting your customers to know more about you. 

But doing it is another matter.  Often we don't have the time, or the know-how to start a campaign. 

PR is a form of marketing not necessarily to increase sales as such, but to enhance your profile, position yourself as an expert in your field which may then have a knock-on effect on your sales and product awareness. 

PR is not just about writing a press release.  It's more than that. You need someone who has the time and the contacts in the media.   Building up a PR campaign is just as much about creating a relationship with the media and the journalists, as well as your customers. 

GetInThePress.com specialise in PR for the parenting and women's consumer market. Over time, we have built up a strong relationship with the editorial teams across national newspapers, parenting magazines, women's magazines and reputable parenting websites.    We know the deadlines,  how the journalists like to be approached, what features they may be working on and how we can get your product on their pages. 

We've drawn up five tips to help kick start your PR Campaign: 

·Get to know your market.  What media do your customers read?

·Get to know a magazine/newspaper read it with your PR Hat on.  Look at stories, surveys, quotes from people and start to think how YOUR BUSINESS could be there next time. 

·Invest in a media database.  You can do this yourself my researching on the internet, leafing through a directory or phoning up the magazine itself.  There will be all sorts of journalists, from the Health Editor, Parenting Editor, Book Editor so it's important to get the right person.  And don't forget all the freelance staff too.  GetInThePress.com has a parenting media database via their website.  Do take a look it will save you stacks of time.

·Use a spidergram to get some PR angles flowing.  Doodle some ideas of topics related to your business these could then be used as PR angles.  If you make beauty products, can you draw up some angles with newsworthy content adding some statistics to give weight to your claim? 

·Consider competitions as a great PR angle by providing your products as competition prizes gives an alternative way of gaining a bit of media space.  But be wary of the minimum prize values that magazines require some are pretty hefty. 

PR Coaching is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn the ropes of PR, and handle it themselves, but just needs a guiding hand. Our PR Coaching Packages give you all the tools, tips and tricks to get your company picked up by editorial teams. GetInThePress.com have a number of packages to suit all budgets, and can also help with other elements of your marketing, such as telemarketing, direct mail, copywriting, web development and fulfilment.

“.......Julie Sherwood's PR Packages are a must for any small business. She really de-mystifies PR and explains in easy to understand language the whole concept. With great ideas to enable anyone to makes steps into doing their own PR, you will keep coming back and drinking in once again Julie´s input and enthusiasm.”

Nick and Rachel Webb, Spain. http://www.andalucia-for-holidays.com/







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