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Richard Hammond wins the Presenter Award  

A record-breaking 425,000 votes for the BAFTA Kid’s Vote, with children voting for Hannah Montana as their favourite in both Feature Film & Television categories 

The EA British Academy Children’s Awards took place on Sunday 29 November, celebrating the very best in Children’s Entertainment over the last year. A stellar line-up of presenters included Camilla Dallerup, Jason Isaacs, Idris Elba, Bonnie Wright and Michelle Ryan who joined hosts Dick and Dom at the London Hilton on Park Lane.  

Children’s favourite petrol-head, Richard Hammond, fought off stiff competition to collect the iconic mask in the Presenter category for CBBC’s Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab

The BAFTA Kid’s Vote gave children a chance to have their say across a range of entertainment media, and attracted over twice as many votes as last year, with children voting online for their favourite Feature Film, Television programme, Video Game and Website. Hannah Montana was their clear favourite for Film and Television, Wii Sports Resort was their winning video game and Club Penguin was voted as the top Website. 

Bernard Cribbins collected the Special Award for outstanding creative contribution to the industry from his Doctor Who co-star, Catherine Tate. 

Other winners on the night included Nick Jr. UK for Channel of the Year and S4C’s Rhestr Nadolig Wil (Wil’s Christmas List) for Drama. Coraline picked up the Award for Feature Film while The Penguins of Madagascar won the International Award. LittleBigPlanet won for Video Game, and in the pre-school categories, Bookaboo won the Live Action Award and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom collected the mask for Pre-School Animation.  Helen Blakeman won the Writer Award for her adaptation of the best-selling Jacqueline Wilson novel, Dustbin Baby. 

CBBC Me and My Movie in association with BAFTA is a competition giving children the chance to create their very own original two-minute film, and this year’s winner was 14 year-old Lauren for her film Vern’s Vacation.   

BAFTA Chief Executive, Amanda Berry OBE, said:“This year’s EA British Academy Children’s Awards has proved that the quality of children’s entertainment remains incredibly high. We are thrilled to recognise such a wide range of children’s programming, and it is wonderful that in one ceremony we can recognise the breakthrough talent of Adam Shaw at Blue Zoo, representing the very best of British animation, and at the same time honour Bernard Cribbins, whose legendary career spans six decades, from Jackanory and The Railway Children to Doctor Who, and continues to enthral children to this day.”  


Full List of Winners & Nominees – WINNER IN BOLD 


Art Sparks

Sharna Jackson, Greg McLeod, Myles McLeod

The Brothers McLeod/Tate


Chop Socky Chooks

Ben Lock, Christine Ponzevera, Sergio Delfino

Aardman Animations/Cartoon Network


Horrid Henry

Lucinda Whiteley, Dave Unwin

Novel Entertainment Ltd/CiTV


Lost and Found

Sue Goffe, Philip Hunt

Studio AKA/Contender Entertainment/E1 Entertainment Group/Channel 4


Adam Shaw – Blue Zoo 





Nick Jr. UK


Dustbin Baby

Julia Ouston, Juliet May, Helen Blakeman

Kindle Entertainment/CBBC


Rhestr Nadolig Wil (Wil’s Christmas List)

The Production Team



The Sarah Jane Adventures

Nikki Smith, Graeme Harper, Gareth Roberts

BBC Cymru Wales/CBBC



Martin Wright, Andy Wan, Owen Smith

Gamelab London for Mencap/PlanNet



Bratz Design Academy

Claire Nosworthy, Richard Mears

Endemol UK/Nickelodeon UK



Carolyn Payne, Tina Gortmans

Diverse Production/CBBC


The Legend of Dick and Dom

Steve Ryde, Dez McCarthy



Sorry I’ve Got No Head

Jeremy Salsby, Tom Miller, Ian Curtis

So Television/CBBC



Deadly 60

John Miller, James Brickell

BBC Natural History Unit/CBBC


Gone (Newsround Special)

Sinéad Rocks, Timothy Fransham, Simon Goretzki



Horrible Histories

Caroline Norris, Chloe Thomas, Steve Connelly

Lion Television/CBBC


Serious Ocean

Marshall Corwin





Clark Spencer, Chris Williams, Byron Howard, Dan Fogelman

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures



Bill Mechanic, Henry Selick, Claire Jennings, Mary Sandell

Laika Inc/Universal


High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Bill Borden, Barry Rosenbush, Kenny Ortega, Peter Barsocchini

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Lori Forte, John C Donkin, Carlos Saldanha, Mike Thurmeier

Blue Sky Studios/Twentieth Century Fox



Astley Baker Davies

The Foundation

Kindle Entertainment

Kudos Film and Television



1066 (www.1066thegame.co.uk)

Phil Stuart, Rob Kerr, Luke Holland

Preloaded/Hardy Pictures/Channel 4


Big and Small Online (www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/bigandsmall)

The Development Team

Plug-in Media/Kindle Entertainment/CBeebies online


The Legula Adventure (http://game.wheredidtherivergo.co.uk/final/index.html)

The Development Team



Routes (www.routesgame.com)

Mike Bennett, Jo Roach, Tom Edge

Oil Productions/Channel 4



Ben 10: Alien Force

Glen Murakami, Donna Smith, Dan Riba

Cartoon Network/Cartoon Network UK


Dora the Explorer

Miken Wong, Allan Jacobsen

Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. UK


The Penguins of Madagascar

Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle, Bret Haaland

Dreamworks/Nickelodeon/Nickelodeon UK


Phineas and Ferb

Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, Dan Povenmire

Walt Disney Television Animation/Disney Channel UK


Just So Darwin

Lambros Atteshlis, Neil Ben



Off By Heart

Antonia Bird, Rebecca Simor

Silver River with BBC Learning/BBC2


Primary ICT: Whiteboard Thinking Skills – Start Thinking

Rebecca Cadwallader, Yvonne Davies

Television Junction/Teachers TV


Tate Kids (http://kids.tate.org.uk)

The Development Team

Tate/GRDD/The Brothers McLeod



Battlefront (www.battlefront.co.uk)

Lucy Willis, Chris Mair

Raw TV/Airlock Digital/Channel 4



Barbara Zambrini, Richard England, Mohima Ahmed

Gamelab London for Mencap


Skills For Life

Martin Wright, Andy Wan, Owen Smith

Gamelab London/BBC Learning/BBC2


Troubled Minds

Andy Glynne

Mosaic Films/Teachers TV



Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

Phil Davies, Neville Astley, Mark Baker

Astley Baker Davies/E1 Kids/Nick Jr. UK



Joan Lofts, Leo Neilsen, Neil Fitzgibbon

King Rollo/Rubber Duck Entertainment/Nick Jr. UK


Little Princess: A Merry Little Christmas

Iain Harvey, Edward Foster

The Illuminated Film Company/Channel Five


Peppa Pig

Phil Davies, Neville Astley, Mark Baker

Astley Baker Davies/E1 Kids Production/Channel Five/Nick Jr. UK




Lucy Goodman, Ian Emes

Happy Films/CiTV


The Christmas Milkshake Show

Naomi Wilkinson, Kemi Majeks

Milkshake/Channel Five


Grandpa In My Pocket

Mellie Buse, Jan Page, Richard Bradley

Adastra Creative Ltd/CBeebies


In the Night Garden

Andrew Davenport, Anne Wood, Dirk Campbell

Ragdoll Productions/CBeebies



Steve Backshall – Deadly 60

BBC Natural History Unit/CBBC


Andy Day – CBeebies presentation



Phil Gallagher – Mister Maker

The Foundation TV Productions/CBeebies


Richard Hammond – Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab

DCD/September Films/Hamster’s Wheel Productions/CBBC



Log Jam

Andras Erkel, Alexei Alexeev

Studio Baestarts/Nickelodeon UK


My Favourite Bedtime Story

Helen Arnsten, Clare Norowzian, Peter Drake

Blue Zoo/Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. UK



Mick Robertson, Julian Kemp



See Something, Say Something

Jane Laffey, Greg Villalobos, Martin Orton

Bold Creative/Nickelodeon UK



Boom Blox Bash Party

The Development Team

Electronic Arts


de Blob

The Development Team

THQ/Blue Tongue



The Development Team

Media Molecule/SCEE XDev Studio Europe


Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise

The Development Team

THQ/Rare Ltd


Helen Blakeman – Dustbin Baby

Kindle Entertainment Ltd/CBBC


Phil Hall, Neville Astley, Mark Baker – Peppa Pig

Astley Baker Davies/E1 Kids/Channel Five/Nick Jr. UK


Ross Lee, James Defrond – Ross Lee’s Ghoulies

Running Bare/Nickelodeon UK


The Writing Team - Horrible Histories

Lion Television/CBBC


Bernard Cribbins

 CBBC Me and My Movie in association with BAFTA

N.O. News by Dominic aged 10 from London

The Penguins Protest by Natalie aged 14 from Gloucestershire

Safari Adventure! by Sumayya aged 10 and team from Birmingham

Vern’s Vacation by Lauren aged 14 from the Isle of Man

 BAFTA Kids’ Vote 

Feature Film – Hannah Montana The Movie (Walt Disney Motion Pictures)

Television – Hannah Montana (Disney Channel UK)

Video Game – Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo)

Website – Club Penguin



The shortlist was derived from the top 20 children’s feature films at the box office, the highest-rated children’s programmes on both terrestrial and multichannel, the most visited websites created for children and the top-selling video games PEGI-rated 12+ and under.  A carefully selected children’s media panel then whittled those top 20s down to top 10s for children to vote on at the custom-made website www.baftakidsvote.org




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