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Bloating: The cause and prevention

It can be a topic that is seldom discussed, uncomfortable and embarrassing, so what are the most common causes of bloating and what can you do to prevent it

In this video, Sian, a 33 year old business owner and busy mother of two finds herself, like many of us, suffering from severe bloating as a result of her diet and busy lifestyle.

Sian documents her experiences in a week long video diary which shows how something as simple as a protein shake and not taking time to sit down and eat her meals can trigger bloating, as well as other lifestyle factors that she wasn’t even aware of.

To help people like Sian, consultant gastroenterologist at University College London, Dr Laurence Lovat, shares his professional and expert advice. He classifies and explains the differences between the three types of bloating, which foods to eat for a happier digestive system, as well as revealing other factors such as how fast you eat, that you may not know can also lead to bloating.

For all this and more watch our informative video.

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