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Contemplating Divorce

Following the high profile Mills/McCartney divorce the Law Society is advising anyone considering divorce to seek good legal advice from a solicitor.

Andrew Holroyd, Law Society President, says: "The Law Society advises litigants to seek the services of a legal professional to represent them in court. DivorceIt is essential for litigants to seek professional advice at the very least to ensure the correct documentation is in place and that no important issues have been overlooked."

"Solicitors help ensure the best outcome for the parties involved. Litigants in person (those who represent themselves in court) will often come up against their opposite party's solicitor, which can be intimidating and is hardly an even match, so having your own 'legal knight' to represent your cause will help boost your chances in court. A solicitor will also be able to deal with the masses of paperwork involved in a divorce."

"The DIY approach could be useful in very straightforward cases, but it is safe to at least get a solicitor to check everything is covered, otherwise it could result in an unsatisfactory settlement."

Your solicitor will send you copies of any significant letters they receive relating to your divorce. They will also give you regular updates on the progress of the case, and details of any costs involved. If you are at risk from domestic abuse at any stage, your solicitor will make it a priority to discuss all possible ways of keeping you and your children safe.

The legal formality of getting a divorce is a relatively straightforward process. What is generally much less straightforward is sorting out the practical issues associated with a divorce, such as where each person will live, who gets what, and arrangements for any children. Before agreeing matters with your husband or wife, it is wise to take advice from a solicitor about your rights and the options available to you.

The Law Society provides a free guide to helping you know your rights when contemplating divorce.  


Finding Financial support when separating

Of course no one wants a separation to occur.  We all want to try and make a go of it but sometimes when the working has reached a point of no return.  A separation is the best result for both the couple and the children involved.

We all hope that we will be able to fend for ourselves but there are places to look to seek out support financially.

With all of these estimators and advice - they are a guideline and Totz2teens cant guarantee the amount of any entitlement you may receive.

Entitledto/turn2us Free, accessible website has been designed to help you find appropriate sources of financial support, quickly and easily, based on your particular needs and circumstances. Tax credits and other benefits
Local Housing Allowance Bedroom Calculator Housing - To work out your bedroom entitlement
Local Housing Allowance Rates Local Housing Allowance rates - The LHA-Direct website has been developed to enable tenants renting accommodation from a private landlord to calculate the possible amount of Housing Benefit available to them from their Local Authority.
Council Tax If you are the only adult in the property you will be entitled to a 25% discount - This is a single person discount.   Contact your local Council for more information
Council Tax Band Check out the Council Tax Band of a Property you may be looking at
Child Maintenance Calculator Child Maintenance Calculator - How much will you expect to receive or pay out. 
Other Places of Support  
relate Relate - if you think you can make another go of it with some support.
gingerbread Gingerbread - support for Lone Parents
totz2teens Talk to us - things become clearer when shared. 


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