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The charity Crimestoppers has launched a new interactive youth website www.shadowcs.co.uk aimed at young people from the ages of 11-16+.

The website aims to be a fun, interactive tool, for young people to look and discuss issues around crime that affect them and their communities. The website includes games, competitions, music as well as an anonymous advice and guidance forum on issues about crime.


The launch of Shadow CS is another big step Crimestoppers is taking in improving the lives of young people across the UK by giving them a voice to discuss issues around crime that affect their everyday lives.

The Crimestoppers Youth team developed the website in collaboration with young people aged between 11 and 16 from across the UK.

Extensive research was carried out using online surveys and focus groups in order to find the views and opinions of young people on what they would like to see in a website that focuses on crime.

The aim of the focus groups was to elaborate on the findings of the survey. A range of young people from across the UK in school and youth group settings were selected in order to provide a diverse and representative sample. Shadow CS also acts as an information and advice tool.


With gun and knife crime rarely out of the headlines Crimestoppers, has a crucial role in ensuring that the perpetrators are caught whilst at the same time providing young people with alternatives to this way of life. Crimestoppers is the only independent charity helping to solve and prevent crime by providing the 0800 555 111 number where people can give information about crime anonymously.  From our experiences we know that it is only a minority of young people involved in committing crime so we also provide educators with the means to teach young people about making positive choices in life.

The launch took place at the KOKO club in Camden with champion beatboxer Faith SFX performing and speeches by Detective Constable Kevin Mosley from West Yorkshire Police and Mick Laurie, Crimestoppers Chief Executive.  

Although Shadow CS was the brainchild of Crimestoppers youth team, it was the young people across the UK who helped develop the website with their views and opinions on the content, design and the layout of the website.


 Jennifer Neil, 13, Student from Smithycroft Secondary School, Glasgow said: “Being involved in the process of developing the Shadow CS website from start to finish was a great opportunity. Shadow CS is different from other websites as it gives young people the chance to ask questions and advice on crime anonymously and receive advice which is what we need as many people our age are scared or unable to speak to someone close to them out of fear of revenge.” 

Ishmaiel Khan, 15, Student from Washwood Heath Secondary School, Birmingham said: “I thoroughly enjoyed helping to give my ideas that have now been used on the Shadow CS website, such as the ability to make characters, and modify the backgrounds. The Crimestoppers team came to visit me at the Birmingham City Council run Washwood Heath Youth Inclusion Project, and they were willing to listen to my suggestions about what would appeal to young people. When they came back to show me the final results I was very happy, and I hope lots of young people will visit the site to gain either help or information about crime prevention.” 

Phil Pyatt, Crimestoppers, Head of Youth said “Only a minority of young people are involved in committing crimes but all young people in some way or another have been affected by crime. Shadow CS provides young people with an avenue to discuss issues around crime that affect their everyday lives, whilst at the same time learning about the options that are open to them such as calling Crimestoppers on our anonymous 0800 555 111 phone number with information about crime.

It is a website which has been designed by young people for young people”.  




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