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That time of year when Diets are shoved down your throat!

After the gluttony of Christmas (well the whole of December!) the marketing people start to push out the healthy eating and dieting messages.

Yesterday I went out with a group of Mums for a New Year Lunch - all were talking of diets and 'being good'.  We all settled for Jacket Potatoes rather than chips and were very conscious of our decisions at the salad bar.  I did wonder how long this will last and who will be the first to break.

It certainly highlighted though that we all followed each others good behaviour and that sticking together will prove us all in much stronger stead.

My own food issues are that I eat.  I like sugary stodge and that's not good for me.  I do not burn that many calories in a day as I have mobility problems.  The proof for this was our Christmas present with my husband was the monitor wrist bands that tell steps, sleep quality ect.  We only have cheap versions but it has highlighted that I am never going to get 10000 steps a day.  I have not once reached 5000 - or even 3500 in a day yet. 

Therefore I have got to think differently.

My last successful weight loss journey was in 2008 when I lost 7 1/2 stone with Sureslim.  A plan I totally believe in and I know is the perfect one for me.  I need a low carb diet - I don't burn it - simple really isnt it.  It is hard - but once in the routine it is fabulously easy to adhere to.

So... Why did I put ALL of that weight back on.  Even after having a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin. 

I feel shame, guilt, hatred and disappointment plus any other negative adjectives we can throw at the conversation.

I seriously want to lose weight again.  I loved being slim.  I felt more respected as a disabled person.  Strange that with me being very obese I feel that people will be thinking (including Doctors) well she has all these problems because of her rotund bounty.  Fact was that Health wise I didn't feel any different having lost the weight.  I did find my IBS was better but not gone.  It was more the confidence and that great feeling of achievement. 

So.... What am I going to do.   I hope I am not just going to procrastinate further into the future and make a difference.

In May I have a girlie holiday to look forward to and I am going with 3 very slim petite ladies whereas currently I am a tall large lady with a mobility problem (due to MS).  I really want to lose 3 stone by then.  I will still be enormous but 3 stone off is a good feeling isn't it.

What do I plan to do to achieve this?

I am thinking I would like to start Sureslim again and will get out my books.  But Slimming World does look interesting too.  mmmmm

Watch this space.  Lets see if a)I actually start changing my ways b)I lose weight c)I keep it off




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