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Dolphin Tale - Animal Magic 

Inspired by an amazing true story DOLPHIN TALE is a film about Winter, a rescued dolphin who has lost her tail in a crab trap, and Sawyer, the 11-year old boy who helps save her life.  

Sawyer meets her at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, a marine sanctuary where she lives, and rallies friends and family alike to save Winter by convincing a pioneering doctor to create a brand new tail and by raising enough money to save the sanctuary from closing.  

DOLPHIN TALE has a great cast including Morgan Freeman, Harry Connick Jr, and Ashley Judd alongside many wonderful animals. But the real star is Winter who plays herself in the film and today serves as a symbol of courage, perseverance and hope to millions of people.  


The release continues a long line of great family films with animals at the action. To celebrate check out our top ten ‘Animal Magic’ movies - how many have you seen? 

Lassie Come Home - 1943
The original film of the book that spawned myriad sequels and a successful TV Series. It’s the story of the bond between a collie and a boy that is broken when the dog is sold. Don’t worry though, Lassie comes home – as the title suggests – amid floods of tears from the boy and the audience. 

The Incredible Journey – 1963
When three pets – a Labrador, a bull terrier and a Siamese cat – are left with their owner’s friend while he goes on holiday, the trio decide to take a trip of their own in an amazing 200 mile trek to get to their real home. The Canadian wilderness is a dangerous place so can our heroes make it home in one piece? Of course they can!

 Born Free - 1966
Strictly speaking it’s not a kids’ film but has become beloved of people of all ages over the years. It is of course the story of Elsa the Lioness – an orphaned cub that was raised by Joy and George Adamson and eventually returned to the wilds of Kenya. A guaranteed feel-good tear-jerker especially when the legendary theme tune kicks in.

Ring of Bright Water – 1969
The human stars of Born Free are in Britain this time and when they buy an otter they quickly realise London isn’t the best place to bring him up. A move to Scotland does the trick and Mij the otter thrives despite all the dangers of the wild. But tragedy is lurking just around the corner... 

Free Willy - 1993
OK, OK, stop sniggering at the back...This is another story of the relationship between child and animal. Willy is a Killer Whale who was taken from his family to appear at an amusement park. Disaffected youth Jesse befriends the Orca and quickly realises the right thing to do would be to set him free. I’m guessing they don’t show this film much at Seaworld?

 Black Beauty - 1994
Anna Sewell’s classic book has been made into film and TV versions, not to mention a Lloyd’s Bank commercial!  Naturally enough it’s the story of horsey cruelty and kindness in equal measures and led to one of the most memorable TV theme tunes of all time.

Babe - 1995
Yes pigs can be cute – especially if they can talk and have exceptional skills in sheepherding, but to many babe will always be a sausage and bacon sandwich waiting to happen. As the film’s tag line says “A Little pig goes a long way”. Well quite.

Two Brothers - 2004
Two tiger cubs, one timid and one brave, are separated at birth to lead two very different lives. One was adopted by the circus and one by a family. Then one day along comes a bad explorer who forces the two brothers to fight...Noooooo!

Racing Stripes - 2005
How many films can you think of that star a zebra? One if any I’ll bet, and this one isn’t an ordinary zebra either. A young aspiring jockey has the ambition of riding him in the Kentucky Open. The zebra’s name? Why it’s Stripes of course!

Charlotte’s Web – 2006
Adapted from the award-winning children’s book it’s the story of Wilbur the Pig who is destined for the dinner table. Enter Charlotte the spider who literally saves Wilbur’s bacon by spinning words in to her web extolling his virtues. Now that he is famous Wilbur is safe from the axe, sadly the same can’t be said for Charlotte.

 DOLPHIN TALE is released in UK cinemas in 3D and 2D on October 14

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