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Enjoy a cracking Easter break

The Easter holidays are fast approaching and we are all looking forward to a long weekend following the cold and dreary start to the year. Celebrating Easter is a perfect time to gather your family and friends and spend some quality time together at home, accompanied with great food and drink.

easter egg paintingThere are plenty of games to put a spring in your kids’ step and keep them busy while you relax. There is of course the traditional Easter egg hunt. Depending on their ages, make it a little harder by using cryptic clues to direct them to the next hiding place, this will also make the hunt last longer!
Another classic is egg decorating. Let the kids turn your left over eggs into works of Easter art. You will need to help by blowing the eggs – and, if you crack some in the process, you can always whip up your favourite pancake or omelette! Make sure the eggs are at room temperature then poke a hole in each end with a needle, making one hole slightly bigger. Finally, blow through the small hole with the larger hole facing down into a bowl. Once the eggs are blown rinse them with water and place in an eggcup with the largest hole at the bottom. Now you’re ready to get the paints, pipe cleaners and sequins out and start decorating!

While the kids are happily playing, treat your guests to a sumptuous Vanilla Chill coffee that’s sure to get them talking. For each serving you’ll need:
Vanilla Chill
l 60ml Douwe Egberts Cafetiere Blend or for a quick but equally delicious result use Douwe Egberts Pure Gold instant coffee
l 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
l 3 ice cubes
l 1 chocolate flake
l Put the coffee, ice cream and ice cubes into a blender
l Blend on full power for 15 seconds
l Pour into a glass and serve with a straw and a generous sprinkling of crushed flake!
Some guests like nothing better than a fresh roast and ground coffee towards the end of the evening. With the help of Douwe Egberts’ new Limited Edition coffees, Etienne’s Signature blends; you can treat your guests to a truly luxurious coffee and end the evening in style. Available in Vintage, Smoky and Velvet blends to delight any palate.
Douwe Egberts have an unrivalled heritage in the coffee world and boast over 250 years of experience in making truly exceptional coffee. Blending smooth, delicious coffee is an art they have been perfecting since 1753.

About Douwe Egberts Coffee Ranges

  • Etienne’s Signature Blends (rrsp £2.85) are available in Tesco, Morrisons and Dunnes Stores (Ireland) and will be available from Asda in mid March
  • Etienne’s Velvet Blend - a deliciously smooth and velvety blend with a nutty depth and lingering malty undertones
  • Etienne’s Vintage Blend - a vibrantly rich blend bursting with full bodied tones and a spicy finish
  • Etienne’s Smoky Blend - a softly delicate blend laced with smoky notes and a mellow and mild finish
  • Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant coffee for a medium and well-balanced flavour. Made from a blend of the finest beans that have been roasted using Douwe Egberts craftsmanship and expertise. (100g rrsp £2.99, 200g rrsp £5.69)
  • Douwe Egberts Instant Range is available at all major retailers - Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons, Asda & Waitrose


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