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Expecting a baby?

Dr Penelope Law one of the UK's leading Consultant Obstetricians shares her essential advice from how to cope with morning sickness to what to expect from birthing plans   

As an expectant parent there are literally thousands of questions you'll want to know the answers to, ranging from the pregnancy itself, to child birth and the first weeks and months of the baby's life.   

With everyone's experience being different it can be hard to navigate through and pick which advice is most appropriate to you. Morning sickness and birthing plans are two such topics which bring a lot of concern for expectant mothers. As one of the UK's leading Consultant Obstetricians, Dr Penelope Law has extensive experience of pregnancy and birth for women in both the public and private sectors. In her new book Expecting a Baby? In association with BAFTA award winning television programme One Born Every Minute, Dr Penelope imparts her down- to- earth complete guide to pregnancy, birth and your baby's first six weeks 

In our video Dr Penelope shares her essential advice with Helen Neale, editor of KiddyCharts, on how to cope with morning sickness to what to expect from birthing plans- namely don't be rigid, keep an open mind and not too many absolutes of things you don't want or do want. 

Watch our video for some sound, realistic advice to make sure you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.



 Expecting a Baby? (One Born Every Minute): Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy, Birth and Your Baby's First Six Weeks


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