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Expecting Twins?

Jane Denton from The Multiple Births Foundation shares her advice on how to prepare for having twins alleviating concerns with delivery and how the pregnancy is monitored  

Twins are very special but on hearing the news that they are expecting two babies most parents will experience a range of very mixed emotions ranging from great excitement to apprehension and concerns about the pregnancy, delivery and the practical and emotional aspects of caring for two babies at the same time.  

Jane Denton director of The Multiple Births Foundation, a national and international authority on multiple births knows all too well the issues surrounding multiple births. In this special preview to her book (co-authored with Professor Mark Kilby) Expecting Twins, in association with BAFTA award winning television programme One Born Every Minute, she is joined by Lisa Wildgoose, mother of 4 year old identical twins and blogger twinstiarasandtantrums.com They share their advice on how to alleviate concerns with delivery, discussing caesareans and what to expect from neonatal units as the different environment can be a shock to parents.  

Lisa's twins were placed in neonatal unit immediately after birth, so together with Jane she shares her personal experience on how to be prepared for unexpected. While Jane shares her advice on special antenatal classes for multiple births and practical advice for how to cope once home from hospital to make sure you don't feel isolated. 

Watch our video advice to make sure you have the emotional and practical guide to help you have the most enjoyable pregnancy possible.  Expecting Twins? (One Born Every Minute): Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy, Birth and Your Twins' First Year




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