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Fantastic & Helpful Financial Advice

Thereís a huge amount of social pressure on parents to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest x-box or smart phone to keep the children happy. But when times are tough we need to go back to basics and cut back.

One way of approaching this topic with the family is to hold a meeting round the kitchen table. While discussing budgets, thereís an opportunity for a wider review of the family finances. And if they havenít already done so, why not use this opportunity to look at protection needs too. Families should ask themselves how they would cope if their monthly income stopped coming in Ė either due to a serious illness or death. Once the implications have sunk in, itís then a question of taking action and contacting an adviser to arrange appropriate insurance.

Every member of the family will have their own particular priorities but with a quick kitchen table board meeting financial priorities can be addressed and strategies put in place. No-oneís going to stop spending but being open and honest about the family finances is a positive step and might encourage the younger generation to see the true value of money.

Iím not suggesting we all go off to the pound shop to buy our gifts but the vast choice of consumer goods is making us spend more and desire more.  Unfortunately, the more we have or aspire to have, the further it will be to fall if things go wrong. So people need to protect the very thing that pays for all these items Ė their income.

Financial advisers can help find the right protection products at the right price and make sure the family protect themselves and their lifestyle from any loss of earning should things go wrong.

Website: www.brightgrey.com

This interesting Financial Q&A Hosted by Vicky Letch with guests Roger Edwards from Bright Grey and Peter Chadorn, Independent Financial Adviser at Plan Money was shown live a few days ago. 

The options to ask questions were prior to the actual programme or even during it which allowed for those questions that you suddenly think of whilst watching to be answered.

 I think financial things are like diets in that we know what we should be doing but until someone reminds us of what to do we just bury our heads in the sand.   I loved the idea of having a kind of budget time and assessing your family needs.  Some really helpful, down to earth advice which wasn't scary to listen to and actually I dont think will be too scary to implement either - thankfully.  I realised that I am good at working out budgets but not perhaps finding out whether I am really, honestly actually sticking to it.  Hopefully I will address this from now on.

I am interested in the fact it was important to review pensions as to be honest my husbands pension hasn't been looked at since it was started over 20 years ago.  Another thing on my To Do list now.

I am sure that you too will find something, just from this short programme, that will encourage you to think about your own financial security.

Yolanda Barker  Totz2teens

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