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The rise of the ‘Friendtor’
- Report highlights the rise of friendships with an age difference
- Adele, Harry Styles and Alesha Dixon are all part of the friendtor craze
- Jenni Trent-Hughes, relationship expert comments on this new social trend 

Forget Frenemies and BFFs …..A report released recently has revealed the rise of a new must-have friendship icon to keep close– The Friendtor!

Generally found to be 8-15 years older than their friends, and with those added years of experience to offer, Friendtors combine all the traditional roles of a mentor with the added support and companionship that only a close friend can provide.

According to the report of over 2,000 people, conducted by card and gift specialist Hallmark, a massive 42 per cent of people now share a friendship with someone who is either significantly older or younger than them. The research also highlights that 45 per cent of women look to their Friendtor for advice and guidance, while 41 per cent appreciate their friend’s mature outlook. A quarter of people feel they have a better sense of humour too!

Friendtors have also proven to be popular within the celebrity circuit, with younger stars looking to successful, older personalities in their field for guidance. Adele formed a close relationship with fellow songstress, Barbra Streisand after performing at The Oscars and the pair now reportedly speak regularly and swap cooking tips and recipes. But they’re not the only ones; Alesha Dixon refers to Amanda Holden as her ‘sister’ after the duo bonded on Britain’s Got Talent and Harry Styles is often pictured out with BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw too.

Relationship Expert, Jenni Trent-Hughes said: “Ever since I was 18, I’ve had a friend that fits in this category. Funnily enough, I am now of the age where I’m the Friendtor! In many cultures around the world, age is seen as a badge of wisdom and honour - so of course it makes sense to spend time with someone wiser than you!

“However, being older doesn’t necessarily mean that you know better so bare this in mind when choosing yours – pick someone who has done what you want to do and done it well. Take Adele and Barbara Streisand for example, in her day, Barbara was told to lose weight, to change the colour of her hair and change the way she dressed. She stuck to her guns and was an inspiration to women all around the world... Adele is now in a similar position. What makes more sense than taking advice from someone who has already triumphed? Not all of us are megastars, but everyone has someone in their lives that is good at what they want to learn.”

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