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While smartphones, tablets and flatscreen TVs are the scene stealers of today, research has shown it’s the low-tech gadgets that are more likely to become a firm fixture in the average modern home.

The survey commissioned by Gadget Show Live Christmas, which takes place in London from 30 November to 2 December, has found gadgets like the humble digital alarm clock, pocket calculator and electric carving knife are among the gizmos – old and new – that the UK public still cherishes and uses daily.

The list also celebrates 80s gadget classics the Nintendo Game Boy and Sony Walkman, as well as every student’s favourite: the Breville toasted sandwich maker. The top ten list of best loved retro gadgets is:  

1.      Digital alarm clock                            
2.      Breville toasted sandwich maker                  
3.      Pocket calculator                               
4.      Game Boy                                          
5.      Electric carving knife                         
6.      Toaster
7.      Bread maker                                      
8.      Digital watch                                      
9.      VCR                                                    
10.    Record player                                                

The survey also revealed our obsession and love for modern technology, which has turned us into a nation of self-proclaimed geeks, with the smartphone topping the list of gadgets we simply cannot live without.

1.      SmartPhone                           
2.      Broadband                             
3.      TV                                           
4.      Laptop                                                
5.      Tablet                                     
6.      Games console                       
7.      Digital TV player/recorder    
8.      MP3 player                            
9.      E-reader                                 
10.    DVD player                             

And as for the UK’s favourite gadgets of all time, the smartphone comes out top again with the iPhone 5 taking poll position

1.      iPhone 5                                 
2.      iPad                                        
3.      Television
4.      PC
5.      iPod                                        
6.      PlayStation 3
7.      Sky+    
8.      Broadband
9.      Xbox 360
10.    Digital camera

Pollyanna Woodward, presenter of Channel Five’s Gadget Show, commented: "Too often we think of ‘gadgets’ as being faddish and temporary, yet this list proves that the very best gadgets stand the test of time. It will be interesting to see how many of today’s essential must have gadgets will be with us in to 20 or 30 years time.”

Windows, Sony, LG, Sonos, YouView, HTC, TomTom, Canon, 20th Century Fox, Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation and Xbox are among the top tech companies exhibiting at Gadget Show Live Christmas.

For more information, to book tickets or to find out about exhibiting, visit www.gadgetshowlive.net/tickets.


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