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HORRIBLE HISTORIES.: Frightful First World War . The ExhibitionHorrible Histories Soldier Rhyme

A partnership between Imperial War Museum North, Terry Deary and Scholastic Children's Books

Horrible Histories LogoSpecial Exhibitions Gallery 24 May 2008 . 4 January 2009. FREE.

Of all the history in all the world the story of the First World War . also known as the Great War . is perhaps the most horrible. It.s a story of what happens when machines go to war and human beings get in the way. But it's also a story of courage and craziness, brave people and batty people, friendships and fierce hatreds, love . and lice.

Imperial War MuseumImperial War Museum North presents an unmissable family exhibition, specially designed for younger visitors, to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War. Based on Frightful First World War, one of the most popular books in the Horrible Histories. series by Scholastic Children's Books, (the world's best-selling history series for children) the exhibition sets author Terry Deary's powerful words and artist Martin Brown's acerbic illustrations alongside Imperial War Museum's unrivalled collections, to tell the stories of the men and women, servicemen and civilians, who shaped and endured what was described as the war to end all wars.

Follow the Frightful First World War timeline and see rare objects, art, film and photographs to find out dire details of a war that affected everyone . from peace-loving protestors to suffering soldiers and civilians. Find out about the horrors and hardships of the war that was meant to last four months but ground on for four grim years. Get a first look at illustrations from the forthcoming Horrible Histories Handbook - Trenches (published by Scholastic Children's Books this September), which has been specially commissioned to coincide with this landmark exhibition.  Discover how the woeful war made people tell lies, how the enemies in the trenches stopped fighting to play friendly football matches and how the war brought foul food and worse water. Find out how soldiers dealt with fierce flies, lovely lice, gruesome gas, sickness and sores. Explore who wore what where in the war and what their curious clothing felt like. Smell the stenches, disguise yourself in a camouflage tree and peer into no man's land with a periscope in a large-scale trench, specially drawn for the exhibition, by the Horrible Histories. artist Martin Brown. Discover the sport of beetle racing, how women's roles changed beyond recognition and how .Daft Dora. introduced new rotten rules . would you have known which ones to obey?

See rare objects first hand such as Kaiser Wilhelm II' s greatcoat (especially made for him to accommodate his shorter left arm) on public display for the first time. Other highlights from the IWM collections visit IWM North for the first time such as a half- ton German Trench Mortar (with traces of original camouflage paint), the helmet which King George V wore to visit the Western Front, a letter from Siegfried Sassoon Illustration © Martin Brown 2007 (written in Craiglockhart War Hospital while being treated for Shell Shock.), a collection of documents relating to the famous Christmas truce, the pen which signed the prolongation armistice, original signs from trenches and even German toilet paper! View unique footage of female munitions workers playing football in their leisure time in 1918 and much, much more!

Discover how almost every family in Britain, France, Germany and Russia lost someone, search for memorials in your area and find out if your family name is on the Commonwealth War Graves register in Your History on the ground floor.  See, hear, smell and learn about the First World War through ropey rhymes and sad songs, sinister superstitions and frightful facts in a great free day out for all of the family.

Horrible Histories. author Terry Deary says Horrible Histories are black comedy for young readers so the First World War is an appropriate subject. It was the gallows' humour of the people that helped them survive the horrors.  It's a lesson in how humanity copes with the worst the world can throw at us. That's what education should be about - preparing us for life, the horrible as well as the good.”

JiTrench Ratm Forrester, Director of Imperial War Museum North says .It certainly was a horrible war and Terry Deary communicates this in a way that every youngster will respond to and many already know well. By putting Terry's words and Martin Brown's wonderful illustrations alongside the Imperial War Museum's collections and photographs, we will be creating a poignant and memorable experience for young and old alike in this 90th anniversary year. .

Lisa Edwards, publisher of the Horrible Histories. series at Scholastic Children's Books says .We are delighted that Imperial War Museum North have given us this opportunity to see our First World War title brought to life with artefacts from their incredible collection, bringing the human story of the War to a wider audience..

Visit the Main Exhibition Space at Imperial War Museum North to see iconic First World War objects and stories on permanent display. These include the 13-pounder field gun that fired Britain's very first shell of the First World War, the bell from the British passenger liner Lusitania (torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine while on the way back to Liverpool from New York), and personal effects belonging to Edith Cavell (the red cross nurse shot at dawn in Belgium for assisting allied servicemen to safety). Get hands-on with the Trench Action Station interactive to explore the terrible conditions in the trenches through .feely boxes. and smells to experience what creatures (creepy crawlies included) and terrible stenches would have kept the soldiers company.

Family Fun Day - Throughout the Museum, Saturday 24 May , 11.00-5.00

Join us to get a first look at Horrible Histories. and take part in a host of free activities. A special action packed day with lots to see and do. From costumes and craft to music and drama, there's something fun . and free!  for all the family.

What A Performance - Special Exhibitions Gallery Saturdays 24 May, 21 June, 5 & 19 July, 2 & 16 & 30 August, Bank Holidays 26 May and 25 August, Wednesdays 30 July, 6 August - 11.15, 12.15, 2.15, 3.15

Meet a range of characters who will help you and your family explore the stories of the First World War within the Horrible Histories. exhibition. Specially commissioned for Imperial War Museum North, these short and lively performances will delight our drama-loving visitors.


Main Exhibition Space/Learning Studio - Themed presentations introducing a specific aspect of life during the First World War: a short gallery walk followed by a film screening and illustrated talk in the Studio with opportunities to handle objects with a member of Museum staff.

Trench Life Sundays 11 May*, 22 June, 3 Aug* 2.15

Women and War Sundays 25 May, 6 July*, 17 Aug 2.15

Legacy Sundays 8 June*, 20 July, 31 Aug 2.15

* BSL signed at 2.15pm

Film - Battle of the Somme - Main Exhibition Space, Tuesday 29 July 6.30

A unique opportunity to see this World Heritage status film. This seminal piece of 1916 film is one of the gems of the IWM film archive and will be screened to a live musical accompaniment followed by Q&A with Dr Toby Haggith from the IWM Film Archive.

Tickets: £8 Concessions: £5 Ticket price includes parking.

Family Fun Day - Throughout the Museum, Monday 25 August, 11.00-5.00

Special action packed days with lots to see and do. From costumes and craft to music and drama, there's something fun . and free! . for all the family.

Performance: A November Day - 8, 9, 11 November, 7.00pm

To mark Remembrance and the 90th anniversary of Armistice, puppet characters and live music tell the tale of a First World War veteran in this timeless fable of war and friendship by Thingumajig Theatre. Booking required (available from July), please see www.iwm.org.uk for further details.

2008 is a significant year for the Imperial War Museum as it marks the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War with a series of exhibitions and events to commemorate the experiences of those who lived, fought and died in the .war to end all wars.. The anniversary is also an important milestone in the Imperial War Museum's own history as it was founded during the First World War as .a lasting memorial of common effort and common sacrifice. to those who played their part in the conflict in which over 700,000 British servicemen lost their lives. Events include:

In Memoriam: Remembering the Great War runs at Imperial War Museum London from September 2008 and commemorated the armistice through individual experiences of men, women and children.

The Last Post: Remembering The First World War is at the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms from October 2008 and examines wartime correspondence and the important role played by the Royal Mail during the First World War.

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