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Pull the switch and help Igor become this year’s inventor extraordinaire! Don’t get the hump this half-term and have fun hanging out with the noble science assistant experimenting on some mad-cap lab antics to out manoeuvre the nasty nemesis, in this tale of re-invention. Momentum Pictures unveils IGOR on DVD 2 February 2009.  

This hilarious animated comedy follows lowly scientist’s assistant Igor (JOHN CUSACK), an inventor pushing weird science to the extreme hoping to make a difference to the lives of all the subservient science hunchbacks. Bubbling with humour and sparky electric energy plus the addition of the unlikeliest of hero’s, IGOR has the perfect formula of pop, bang and fizzle for all the family this half term.

Bright and boldly directed by ANTHONY LEONDIS (LILO & STITCH 2), Igor is a fun-filled, action-packed comedy celebrating the underdog. The stellar voice cast includes JOHN CUSACK (HIGH FIDELITY), EDDIE IZZARD (THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN), JOHN CLEESE (FAWLTY TOWERS), SEAN HAYES (WILL & GRACE) and STEVE BUSCEMI (MONSTERS INC.).

The Story

In the land of Malaria, you are either a somebody or a nobody. The biggest somebodys are the evil scientists and the nobodies are their loyal hunchback assistants.  But one unlikely inventor is about to change everything….


Meet Igor, a talented hunchback who’s determined to prove his worth at the annual Evil Science Fair.  With help from his wise-cracking sidekicks Scamper (BUSCEMI), a grumpy lab rabbit, and the not so brainy Brain (HAYES), he plans to create the greatest invention the world has ever seen and win first prize.  However the fiendish Dr Schadenfreude (IZZARD) is also making plans: to steal Igor's crazy creation and take over all Malaria.  Can Igor and friends stop him and truly save the day?


IGOR Released by Momentum Pictures on  2 February 2009 Certificate: PG  RRP:£17.99  Running Time: 118 mins approx


              Mad scientist Igor Pancake Recipes:

To celebrate the DVD release of Igor on 2 February, Momentum Pictures has put together this Igor themed recipe for green pancakes.  Now you can join in the fun and like all good mad scientists remember to experiment with the filling!


2 cups flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 ½ cups milk
2 large eggs
3 tablespoons melted butter
Pinch salt
5 drop green food colouring

Get Inventing!: 

·        Sift flour and salt into a large mixing bowl
 Add sugar and baking powder to the bowl and mix together
 In a separate bowl mix together the milk, eggs and melted butter
 Gradually pour mixture over the flour
 Mix together like a mad scientist until the batter is smooth
 Add 5 drop of Igor-green food colouring

 Get the pan really hot and then turn the heat down – with the help of your eee-gor assistant
 Using a ladle, pour batter into the frying pan
 Once the batter is in the pan tip the pan from side to side to spread the batter evenly

Cook for about 1-2 minutes until the batter begins to bubble
 Flip and cook on the other side for about 1-2 minutes

As a scientist Igor likes to experiment and now’s your chance to become a mad scientist and experiment with the filling!  Like Igor don’t just try what you know experiment with mixing flavours to create your own new filling!  Below are some suggestions to get you started.

 Sugar and lemon, Banana and maple syrup, Mixed berry and chocolate ice cream, Chocolate sauce, Peanut butter and jam

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