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As the nights draw in and the temperature drops our home becomes a safe haven where we can retreat from the chilly outside world.  But whilst we may see our home as a safe place to be, it actually might be making us feel under the weather as keeping the windows shut and putting on the central heating all contribute to our home feeling stuffy and stale.

Indoor Allergy Week (17 – 21 November 2008) supported by Ambi Pur Puresse, is designed to raise awareness of the allergens in our home and how we can make our home a kinder and happier place to be this winter.

Ambi Pur Puresse, the official supporter of Indoor Allergy Week, is the first ever allergen reduced air freshener designed to care for the air in your family’s home.  The range is specially formulated by minimising 26 known skin allergens, whilst at the same time retaining the essence of Ambi Pur’s superior fragrances. All of the products in Ambi Pur’s Puresse range have been awarded the highly coveted Allergy UK Seal of Approval, and remains the only air freshener to be accredited.

The lighter fragrances of Puresse are available in a single perfume plug-in (Cotton and Lotus), an aerosol (Air, Bamboo, Cotton and Lotus) and in the latest addition of the revolutionary 3volution plug-in (Air Sensations and Cotton Sensations).  

Ambi Pur 3volution combines three alternating but complementary fragrances, which are released in a continuous cycle, one after the other, every 45 minutes, so you can always notice the fragrance and enjoy it again and again and again. Puresse 3volution is available in two lighter fragrances; Cotton Sensations, inspired by luxurious angora, delicate blossoms and soft clean cottons, and Air Sensations, inspired by a fresh clean peaceful morning, the awakening of nature and the fresh fragrance after summer rain.

Ambi Pur Puresse is available from all good supermarkets and independent retailers nationwide.  Prices start at £2.49 (RRP)

So you can help make your home a kinder place this winter, why not try some of these top tips to reduce allergens indoors:

1. Wash curtains every three months at the temperature of 56 degrees or above or alternatively use a roller blind that is easily cleaned instead of curtains.

2. In the kitchen, choose easy to clean flooring and ensure that it fits tightly around bases of the cabinets. Also, immediately clean up spills and food that has been dropped.

3. If you like ornaments try and keep them in a glass cabinet to reduce the surface area that dust can cling to, which also makes it easier and quicker to 'damp' dust.

4. Keep wardrobe doors closed to avoid collecting dust and place folded garments on wire racks rather than shelves to avoid mould and mites.

5. Vacuum daily but remember dust can stay airborne for 3- 4 hours. If you have wooden flooring and mats, use cotton rugs, which can be washed.

6. Use low odour or water based quick drying paint when decorating and make sure you ventilate the room well and do not sleep in the room until all fumes have dispersed.

7. If you are sensitive to sprays and cleaning products, choose your everyday household products carefully. Look for products that are accredited by the Allergy UK Seal of Approval.

8. It is estimated that the average bed has over 10,000 house dust mites living in it, which results in there being over two million droppings. Wash all bedding at over 60 degrees.

9. Remember that central heating too high helps to create an ideal environment for the house dust mite.  Try turning the heating down a degree and, also, regularly vacuum underneath and behind the radiator.

10.Use washable cotton rugs in the bathroom rather than carpet that becomes damp and encourages mould and house dust mite growth.

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