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Quick Make-Up Tips for women on the go

Celebrity Make-Up artist Caroline Frazer shares her top tips for looking great in just 5 minutes 

Whether you are a yummy mummy or a boardroom babe, everyoneís pushed for time in the morning.  If it isnít preparing the kids for school or choosing what clothes to wear to work, there are emails to check and bank statements to scrutinise. 

New research conducted by Diamond shows that many women donít have enough time to do their make-up before they leave the house; worryingly some of them even do it in the car. But even if you have a hectic lifestyle and you donít have the luxury of a professional make-up artist on hand here are some top tips for looking great in just five minutes. 

Watch our video with Caroline Frazer, make-up artist to stars such as Lisa Snowdon, Carol Vorderman and Mel C, where she gives her top tips to transform you from tired barefaced woman to a Dewy Diamond Diva in five minutes:  

For more information visit www.diamond.co.uk 


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