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 How can parents use history to teach children modern manners?

Join our live show and learn how modern characters like Mike The Knight can help to inspire good behaviour and deeds  

Show date: Wednesday 3rd July

Show time: 3pm

As parents there are many things we worry about. From whether our children are happy and healthy to how they are getting on at school and bedtime routines. But how much time do we actually spend developing their personalities and teaching them good traits we would like them to show to others?

As CBeebies’ medieval hero Mike The Knight and his sister Evie, a wizard in training prepare to launch a modern day version of the age old Chivalrous Code aimed at pre-schoolers, as a parent, do you worry about a decline in modern manners and that the age of chivalry is dying out?

Historically, chivalry was seen as a key quality of the British and throughout history, good manners and polite behaviour have been our defining characteristics.  As parents we know that these qualities are still important; who wouldn’t agree that good manners, honesty and fair play are important character traits to try and instill in your children?

About to launch a second series of medieval adventures on CBeebies in July, knight-in-training Mike The Knight  champions  chivalrous behaviour as he goes about his daily duties in the Kingdom of  Glendragon.  And now, with his rallying cry “Be a Knight, Do It Right” Mike the Knight is launching a modern day version of the Chivalrous Code to help inspire his fellow knights in training. 

From being kind to their friends and saying please and thank you to always telling the truth and never giving up on a mission, the code encourages little ones to champion their responsibilities, do things to the best of their ability, understand the importance of friendship and loyalty and be considerate of others. 

So how can you encourage your children to be more chivalrous? From understanding the importance of friendship and loyalty, realising the importance of teamwork, and learning the power of responsibility what are the best way to inspire your children to do good deeds?

Historian Justin Pollard joins us live online at
http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/how-can-parents-use-history-to-teach-children-modern-manners  on 3rd July at 3pm to discuss how we can use history to help get your children doing chivalrous deeds like being kind, helpful, brave and truthful.


Website: www.miketheknight.com


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