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myKidsy.com aims to provide innovative after school, weekend and holiday activities for kids. The goal of the site is to save parents’ time on planning, so they can engage in quality time with their children. But myKidsy is much more than just an activity finder as it helps parents steer their kids free time into educational fun. It is about finding the most novel and educational activities that go way beyond the music class in the neighbourhood. It is about helping parents of the new digital app economy find trusted courses that will incentivise and motivate their kids into hobbies and activities that will contribute to their further education and growth into becoming citizens of the future society: with empathy for nature, love for the Arts and sciences and in touch with their bodies and being active.

myKidsy.com offers innovative afterschool, weekend and holiday programmes, primarily for London based children, but is rapidly expanding across the UK and internationally.  The site provides time-poor parents with a comprehensive directory of fun and engaging courses – activities range from art-sessions with famous illustrators, film-making, learning how to make robots fly, computer coding as well as an introduction to subjects as varied as philosophy, entrepreneurship and yoga.

The site was founded by Yasmine Mahmoudieh whose vision for the site is to deliver the most rewarding and novel activities that will prepare our children for the future and to get kids active and using their brainpower. As an example, Yasmine has partnered with thought leaders and organisations such as Alan O’Donohoe from Raspberry Pi Jam to offer special educational coding events that go way beyond what is currently available, the first of which are taking place at tech hub in Google Campus.

Website            www.mykidsy.com

Twitter             https://twitter.com/mykidsy

Facebook          https://www.facebook.com/mykidsy

Yasmine Mahmoudieh
An innovator in her field

Yasmine as been rewarded many times for her creative and innovative designs and is a reference in her field. 

Her multiples talents and skills helped her throughout her entire career in order to live her passion for architecture, design and entrepreneurship. 

Outstanding award as the youngest female entrepreneur  

Yasmine studied art history in Florence, architecture at the l’école d’ingénieurs de Genève in Switzerland, interior design at the college of Notre Dame in San Francisco and architecture and interior design at UCLA in Los Angeles. A year after she graduated from UCLA (aged 26 years old) she opened her first studio in Los Angeles, and today has her headquarters in London.

Her work can be found across Europe, the United States, into the Middle East and Asia, and even in the skies above, working as one of the few chosen designers to draw the industrial design of the Airbus A380.

 Her unique holistic approach to design, which merges from human psychology and cutting-edge technology, has resulted in an acclaimed international showcase of award-winning, one-of-a-kind projects.

 Among her achievements you can find:

·        The Flyhotel in Dubaï.

·        The resort hotel Intercontinental Berchtesgaden in Germany.

·        The 4th Radisson SAS in Berlin.

·        The Nevai in Verbier.

·        The highest fish tank in the world.

·        The Millennium shopping center in Budapest. 

Other completed projects to date include the Radisson SAS Copenhagen, the headquarters of Aon in Hamburg and the Nikolskie-Ryady Crown Plaza St. Petersburg hotel and retail complex. Her organic approach fuses modern design and functionality and does not lose sight of the two most important factors: human wants and needs. 

Throughout her career Yasmine has achieved the following awards:  

      2011: World Travel Award, Stand for HI-MACS®

      2007 to 2011: Resort Intercontinental Berchtesgaden European Hotel Design Award.

      2004: Radisson SAS Berlin Innovation Award.

      2003: European Hotel Design Award & Conference Hotel Design Award.

      2002: Core design award, Haus Rheinsberg. 

Other activities 

      Yasmine is a guest lecturer at universities and colleges in London, New York (NYU), Los Angeles (UCLA), Monte Carlo, Lausanne, Shanghai and Moscow among others.

      She is a Board member of BLLA (Boutique, Lifestyle and Lodging Association).

      Yasmine is fluent in 6 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Farsi).





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