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Its that time of year when we need to start thinking about a new diary or planner.
Organised Mum have a fantastic range to help us all to be that fantastically organised mum (of course). 

No more missed birthdays, appointments and panic.  We will become the super race of organised families.

Life Book DiaryThe week to view pages have a clever grid format with enough room for up to seven members of the family. The layout has been Family Life Book Diarydesigned to be brilliantly flexible, allowing columns to be merged together to accommodate space for just two people or to be used for additional information for household jobs, work or even planning your social life!

Starting in September and lasting until December, you can start using your the diary as soon as you receive it. Its the perfect way to manage all of those dates and extra pieces of paper you receive in the first weeks of the new school year.  Of course, it doesn't just help you to manage your children's lives. This most clever family life book has to do lists, move-able dividers, month to view sections and perforated shopping lists, stickers and even an address section.

All this for £12.99 it is of course a must have item for any household.

The pocket life diary is £6.99.   These items can be purchased here

I personally love this style of diary.  I found the spiral bound diary is much easier to work with.Little Bird Shopping List Pad

Budget Book

The Budget Book has been a real help for many families wanting to organise their finances.

It can be almost impossible to keep an eye on your incomings and outgoings and make sure that there's enough in the bank to reach the end of the month!

With pages to track what's coming in and then lots of room to track exactly where your money is being spent on a monthly basis, this book will help you to keep your money organised.

Tracking finances may not be the most glamorous job but we wanted to make it as fun as possible by ensuring that our Budget Book is lovely to look at and a joy to use. Why be drab? We love the candy striped pockets and the fun little illustrations each month.

£6.99 - These items can be purchased here


Family Home PlannerIf you are more of a wall planner type of organiser then organised mum cater for you too.  They have a fantastic range of planners to suit you.  They have wall planners, weekly planners and even a magnetic planner that can fit on the front of a fridge.

Starting in September 2010 and lasting until December 2011, you can start using your calendar as soon as you receive it. Its the perfect way to manage all of those dates and extra pieces of paper you receive as soon as they're back at school.

Hung from wire binding with a traditional calendar hook, every day has a six columns which gives you enough space for all your family's appointments.

Each week there are two tear off lists - one for your notes and to do lists and the other for your shopping list.

Itís great for those who don't have the space to hang our Home Planner as at just 12 inches square itís the size of most everyday calendars. But we've ensured that itís kept the features that make Organised Mum different - so there's the pocket underneath the calendar and 288 of our stickers to mark those important events and tasks.

We've also included a clever overlay sheet made from clear plastic. This allows you to note down all of those weekly events that you donít want to write out time after time but still really need to remember. You can also use it to put people's names at the top of the columns. Once youíve finished the regular activity you can simply erase them and start again - Magic!

We've also included a pen that writes on the calendar and the overlay and then clips to the calendar pocket ensuring that it is always close at hand.

The Family Weekly Planner is £10.99

These items can be purchased here

Pregnancy and Baby Pack

Pregnancy & Baby's First Year

We love the pregnancy and baby packs too.  What a great way to keep a memory of your pregnancy and baby's first year.
This would be a really special gift for a newly pregnant family or friend wouldn't it.

These items can be purchased here

What great presents all of these planners make for a teacher or friend!  We at totz2teens very much recommend you take a look at the organised mum website hereThey do all sorts of fantastic products including notepads, shopping pads, pocket diaries, stickers and much more.  You wont want to go back to a plain diary once you have experienced an organised mum one.

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