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Parenting teens!!!!!!!!
The Myths

Parenting teens is often a rough and relentless job. The stakes are higher then they will be in any other stage in their life. Many things can change, including the childís characteristics, stress within the family and from outside sources, and how much support the teen gets at home, at school, and within the community.

There are many myths about raising teens that need to be heard. Teens donít suddenly ďgo badĒ. The following myths will help and show how to better the teen, and then take a look at the wrong things said about teens today.

1. Once a bad kid, always a bad kid. One of the worst things a parent could do in raising their child is apply them with the bad kid name. The parent is thinking the kid is bad, therefore the teen will continue to think they are bad and start to act as if they are.

2. You can fix your teenager. If your relationship with your teen is not working out, the only thing you can do is fix your ways. In doing so, you can look for the best ways to raise your teen. You may not be able to control your teen and their emotional status, but you are in full control of how you react to it.

3. A good relationship is a calm one. Many parents fail to give their teens rules cause they think it may cause a problem.

4. Share everything with your teen donít keep stuff from them. Being true with your teen does not mean be totally open be there for them. A parent is the primary role model in the teenís life and a teen might think it is ok to do something a parent does.

5. Teens prefer their friends to their parents. As children start school, they spend less and less time with their family, and their friends take on a greater importance in their lives. Adolescents begin to make their own life the way they go, what they do, and who they spend their time with.

6. My teenager wonít talk to me. I canít get him to open up. Teenagers like to talk. They must have a willing to listen. There should be a big difference between normal conversation and your little talks you have with them. Time and effort needs to be taken to discover a place that you can talk to your teen about some of things you may need to discuss with them. Try to keep an open mind and really listen to what the teen is trying to say.

People will also say that peer pressure is at its peak in the years of the teens. That is greatly overrated seeing that teens usually want to hangout with people of the same interest and also like to share the same ideas with the same group also. So keep an open mind about your teen and donít always be on them about what they are always having to do. 

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