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Get re-energized with Nell McAndrew

Log on to our live webTV show for easy to follow exercises and nutritional advice to give you the boost you need 

Show date: Wednesday 8th June

Show time: 2pm

Becoming a mum can really take its toll on your energy levels, can’t it? And whilst it’s easy to opt for a quick fix caffeine hit or a sugar burst, you’re actually not doing yourself any favours. That initial hit is often followed by a sharper slump which coupled with a young child or baby to look after can really leave you feeling frazzled.  

Celebrity mum and fitness guru Nell McAndrew knows how difficult it can be to stay energized, but with multiple marathons under her belt, if anyone can help mums of the UK boost their energy it’s her. That’s why she’s teamed up with B Record Plus to share her tips on how to keep energized throughout the day. 

In this live web TV Nell takes you through an energy boosting workout designed especially for busy mums. She’ll also give you plenty of tips to help you increase your long term energy through nutrition and hydration. 

Nell McAndrew joins us live online at http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/get-reenergized-with-nell-mcandrew on Wednesday 8th June at 2pm

For more information visit www.brecordplus.com

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