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Schools out for summerphoto of British Garden Birds calendar

Get back to nature with Ronsealís top tips for entertaining kids in the garden

With just a month left of the British summer, many of us are frantically trying to get our gardens ship shape so that we can enjoy the last few weeks outdoors.  But with the school holidays in full swing, fitting it all in is no mean feat.

Luckily, leading woodcare manufacturer Ronseal and the UKís woodland conservation charity, the Woodland Trust have paired up to offer you top tips for entertaining your brood outdoors and educating them about British wildlife whilst also getting your garden looking great.

So here are five ways to transform your outdoor space, and keep your kids busy while youíre at it:

1.    Many pollinating insects such as butterflies see a spectrum of colours including UV tones that are not visible to the human eye.   Shape, scent and colour all play important roles in attracting wildlife so introduce a variety of plants and flowers to your garden.  Bees and other insects seem to like darker or vibrant colours such as blues and violets -  try Lavender, Bluebells, or Cornflowers whilst pollinators such as flies can be more attracted to lighter colours such as white and yellow, so opt for things like Honeysuckles, Snowdrops or White Campion.

2.   Protect the wooden structures in your garden with natural coloured products such as Ronsealís Woodland Trust Colours.  The added colour will create a harmonious environment for you to enjoy and brighten up your outdoor space. Water based, Ronsealís Woodland Trust Colours are available in eight fabulous colours from White Ash to Honeysuckle and Bramble, through to cooling blues such as Bluebell and Cornflour, all inspired by UK woodland. And with every purchase, a 25p donation will also go to help the Woodland Trust to protect woodland habitat for wildlife. 

3.   Bird tables are a great way to bring avian life into your garden. Choose a good, sturdy wooden bird table and set it up near a window so that the kids can sit and watch the action from the house. Itís important to protect the wood so that it stays looking good and doesnít rot. Useing an eco wood preserver, such as Ronseal Decorative Eco Wood Preserver, you can be kind to the environment too.

  1. Plastic Bird FeederBird feeders are another sure fire way of attracting our feathered friends. Get the kids to make their own using empty yoghurt pots and string - thereís a whole variety of nuts and seeds that they can use to make the feed but you canít go wrong with a simple recipe of high quality suet, peanuts and black sunflower seeds.
  2. Getting your kids interested in the wildlife in your garden will not only educate them about what is on their doorstep but it will also highlight the importance of being environmentally aware. Check out the Woodland Trustís nature detectives CLUB at www.naturedetectives.org.uk/club which is a great online resource with loads of fun and informative games, competitions and activities you can download for free. 

For more information about Ronseal products and inspiration on how to improve your outdoor space visit www.ronseal.co.uk


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