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How important are routines for children?

How to implement beneficial routines for your little ones and what to do if they donít take to them immediately  

Show date: 8th July  

Show time: 12pm  

Whether your child or children should have a routine or not is an age old debate amongst parents. Do children flourish under a clear routine or do you think itís better to follow your childís own natural rhythm and let them take the lead? 

Although predictability can be viewed as monotonous for adults, many parents believe that children flourish on repetition. Providing routines can also help kids deal with change. However some parents prefer to adopt a more varied attitude.

How do you strike the balance between child-led activities and consistency? What do you do if your child doesnít take to a routine? Do you feel like a failure if your kids donít follow the routine youíre trying to implement? At what age is having a routine most important?

Visit Dora the Explorer's pageTo give parents a hand with negotiating developmental milestones, Nick Jr. has launched a new campaign -Step-by-Step Explore with Dora, which will help parents navigate key developmental stages and teach their children key skills with help from Dora the Explorer.

Joining us to discuss the topic is Jacqueline Harding, a leading child development expert, and parent of two, blogger Jess McGlynn from Catch a Single Thought.  

To access a whole range of Dora themed assets to encourage and reward children on their developmental journey www.nickjr.co.uk/step

Jacqueline Harding and Jess McGlynn join us live online at www.studiotalk.tv on 8th July at

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