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TalkTalk HomeSafeHow to keep kids safe online

Watch our video for top tips on how to keep your children safe whilst they’re on the internet!

As a parent, are you worried about what your child gets up to on the internet? Are you concerned about the amount of disruptions the internet causes whilst your child is doing homework? With the world of gadgets evolving so quickly, there are now a huge range of devices that children can access the internet on, so it’s no surprise many parents are increasingly worried about how this affecting their child. Let’s face it, it can be a fine line between giving your child the freedom to explore, and keeping them safe from harmful websites.

Research conducted by Talk Talk has shown only 16% of kids are using the internet for homework and with half of 6-11 year olds spending up to 2 hours a day playing games online, there is definitely a need for parents to monitor their child’s internet behaviour. Even more worryingly perhaps, parents are oblivious to the fact their child could access pornography online which is a big concern, especially as tech-savvy kids are often better at navigating the internet than we are.

Luckily for parents, there are now a number of devices and tools that can help you monitor your children’s internet diet. Talk Talk for example have specifically developed ‘HomeSafe’, a device that is built into the broadband itself which allows parents to control the types of websites their family can access.

In the following video internet safety expert Charlotte Aynsley shares her top tips and advice for parents on keeping the internet safe for kids 

 Website: http://sales.talktalk.co.uk/product/homesafe


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