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Its Time I MUST bite the bullet and weigh myself!

After doing such an amazing job of losing 7 1/2 stone in 2008 I am so disappointed to report that it is looking like its almost all gone back on.  I am mortified. 

I had been avoiding weighing myself so when the opportunity arose to review the Ozeri Precision II Digital bathroom scale I knew I really had to agree to this and hopefully make the most of the situation to shock me into submission again.

The Scales arrived and are a really sleek design.  One of the first thing I notice is that these are going to be incredibly easy to keep clean.  The glass top is flat.  BONUS.  My pet hate is products like this that we leave out all the time yet are just stupidly hard to keep clean.  No fear with these. 

The surface is large enough to stand on comfortably and even though I have balance problems I found that they weigh me quickly enough.  I have tried a few times to see how accurate they are and each time was the same which is a pleasing result.

If the scales are kept in one position you only need to stand on them each time without having to push, nudge or tip to get them to work.  A gem to find some that work efficiently.  This is due to the InstaOn technology capturing the precise weight measurements upon contact.

The display is clear and the exceptional thing that would make me recommend these bathroom scales is that they measure in 0.2lb(0.1kg) increments.  That 1/4lb measurement really makes a difference.  The scales are able to switch between lbs, kgs and stone.  Even in the bigger stones.  I've had scales that SAY they display the smaller increments but actually only does this under 10 stone.   To be honest even though I am large I want to know about these little amounts.  It helps.  Either more or less.

Having these scales has given the rest of the family a reality check too.  My husband was convinced he wasn't putting on weight but could not deny the figure shown right before his eyes.

I am hoping that we can now both plan to make a dent in the weight we are both carrying and I am sure these scales will be assisting us on the journey. 

17.95 from Amazon



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