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Parents urged to be wary of counterfeit baby slings as Baby Slings Mandatory for The Olympics “Babes in Arms” Tickets. 

Parents and carers have been told that if you bring your baby to the London 2012 Olympics this Summer they must ditch the buggy and carry their baby to the event. 

Now leading UK brand Connecta Baby Carrier is encouraging visitors to the event to ensure they follow essential guidelines in order to ensure baby safety and maximum baby and grown-up comfort. 

Sarah Sadler – owner of Connecta Baby Carrier – says it’s imperative that the TICKS guidelines are followed so that parents and carers make informed choices of what baby carrier is suitable and safe.

TICKS was developed by BABI (British Association Of Babywearing Instructors) due to the increase of counterfeit and poorly designed baby slings that have flooded the market via auction websites. While these second-rate alternatives can seem like a bargain, parents are putting their baby at risk by using them. The check list for TICKS is: 


In view at all times.

Close enough to kiss.

Keep chin off your chest.

Supported back .

“It is absolutely vital that parents who are looking to buy a baby sling, purchase from a trusted source and retailer. Fake branded versions often have poor stitching and material which can tear easily, or are poorly made resulting in discomfort or injury to you or your baby,” Sadler adds. 

The safe positioning of baby inside the chosen carrier/sling is also important. Some available carriers are less than ideal. In particular, ‘bag slings’ have several significant design flaws that could place a baby at risk of respiratory distress or oxygen deprivation.  

Some bag slings have been recalled and are banned by the NCT yet are still available through online auction sites. The 'bag slings' are roughly triangle shaped; they have a flat bottom with two sides slanting upwards toward the elastic top. This “triangle” design means that the pouch fabric is always angled very close to the sides of baby’s face. If baby rotates even slightly he ends up with his nose within a ¼” of the side, or even pressed against the side of the pouch, restricting breathing and oxygen. 

Babywearing should not only be enjoyable and encourage the bond between mum and dad, family members and carers and their children, but ultimately your baby must be safe at all times,” explains Sarah – who, as a baby wearing consultant of six years, provides skilled training and advice to ensure that adults can carry their baby with the minimum of risk. 

If in doubt please parents should use the online webguide – www.slingguide.co.uk to assist with their choice and if they would like to obtain a personal consultancy they can use www.BABI.me.uk 

Following this simple advice will help ensure that your baby enjoys his time being carried and the correct level of support is offered to both infant and carer,” adds mother of three, Sarah. “These guidelines have been designed following years of practical experience and research.” 

The good news is there are some extremely trust worthy, quality brands on the market. Many are hand made with the highest quality fabric and fastenings, ensuring the best comfort and safety for you and your baby. Sadler advises that by finding the right Baby Carrier, you can safely take your baby or toddler to enjoy The Olympic event. In fact the close contact helps stimulate a baby's vestibular system which controls their sense of balance and movement, having a positive effect on other sensory systems in every day life.  

Sadler emphasises the application of common sense when using a baby sling; protecting little limbs or heads from the sun's rays and consuming hot food and drink over the baby are two obvious errors. Additional sun covers are available for the Connecta range, to protect from the suns harmful rays. The Connecta Baby Carrier is ideal for the Olympics – very easy to use - three buckles allowing you to enjoy the day with peace of mind.  

To celebrate the Olympics, ConnectaBabyCarrier has unveiled it’s new Union Jack design (right) to commemorate the pride of the nation.  

Carrying your baby should be comfortable for baby and parents as well as offering stylish designs to suit all people and all occasions. Our new Union Jack design, one of many bespoke designs we make, has been designed to put that extra special sense of pride to celebrate an exciting Summer.” 

Celebrities such as Orlando Bloom and his wife and Miranda Kerr have already made carrying your baby hugely popular and now everyone will be able to do this safely and stylishly. 

The ergonomic design of the Connecta Baby Carrier means parents can comfortably wear them for long periods of time with heavier babies. All Connecta Baby Carriers are constructed with two full layers of drill fabric in the body. They are sewn with extra strong thread (made for load bearing seams) on industrial sewing machines. The Connecta has been rigorously tested in a laboratory and passed the BS EN 13209-2:2005 safety standard for soft baby carriers. Connecta offers optimal wearing position for both baby and wearer and be safely used as a front or back carrier. The design means your family will enjoy using your Connecta Baby Carrier for many months after the event. 

The Connecta Baby Carrier draws inspiration from the centuries-old chinese mei tai design, which has convenient quick-release buckles and comfortable, padded shoulder straps that won't drag on the ground when unfastened. The shaped body panel of the Connecta also has a wide base to support anatomically correct positioning for babies and provide optimum comfort for wearers, and the curved, rounded top of the design provides head support while still allowing baby room to move. The design means your baby can be safely worn on your front or back and maximum padding ensures you and your baby will be safe and comfortable throughout your day. 

The Connecta range is available for babies weighing from 3.5kg. For newborns, specific carriers should be used, advice of which can be obtained from Sarah Sadler, at ConnectaBabyCarrier. 

Finally, Surrey-based Sarah suggests trying before you buy and getting in touch with your local sling library: There are many sling libraries across the country that give parents and carers the opportunity to discover for themselves the opportunities and benefits that baby carrying can open up. Why not get in touch and find out what’s available for you!” she concludes.

 Sarah Sadler, is the founder of Natural Connection and ConnectaBabyCarrier.com 

Organisers of The London 2012 Olympics announced that babes in arms are now allowed into the Olympic venues if safey secured to an adult. This announcement was made on Tuesday 8th May 2012. 

For more information from BABI (British Association of Babywearing Industry) please visit: http://babi.me.uk/ 

The TICKS guideline was devised by the UK consortium and is endorsed by BABI. 

ConnectaBabyCarrier is a family run business, whose sister company Natural Connection was founded in 2006. ConnectaBabyCarrier has been operating since March 2011. Both business have become a well trusted and reputable UK Babywearing webshop 

For information on sling libraries network http://www.ukslinglibraries.co.uk/

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