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Spring cleaning with Colin and Justin and Ambi Pur

According to the guys, ‘To fail to plan is to plan to fail‘, so before you start throwing yourself at a seemingly never ending task, go from room to room and make a list of everything that needs to be done. Start at the top and work your way down, listing dusty areas, dirty paintwork and furniture in need of polish, and floors in need of a spruce. Listing these chores allows you to mentally contain the work and makes the whole exercise feel much more achievable. With one room listed, move onto the next until you’ve got a game plan for the whole house. Post your plans on the door of each room and you’ll remove the worry about where to begin - and you’ll remove any excuses for not getting it done!  Also, sharing work means half the time - and half the trouble - so get your partner or kids to give you a hand.  After all - whose mess is it anyway?

C and J’s Tips for a Tip Top Tidy – a taster

*  When cleaning anything (especially appliances) work from the top down, moving from the inside to the outside. That way you’ll avoid dirtying what you have just cleaned.

*  Keep things close to hand – pop all your cleaning materials into a handy basket or carrier to transport easily from room to room.

*  Don’t let the bedbugs bite! Steam-clean or vigorously vacuum your mattress, keeping your bedroom windows open to let everything properly air.  Flip over your mattress (top to bottom and side to side) every time you make the bed with fresh linen.

*  It’s time for the annual kitchen drawer marathon!  Grab a bin bag and ditch all the useless things you’ve collected over the last twelve months!  Say ‘adios’ to all those out of date coupons, say ‘au revoir’ to that legion of duplicate bills and bid a less than fond farewell to that less than
tempting collection of restaurant menus.  Yup, the ones you never call!

*  Pop in an air freshener to freshen the air - and make sure you use one that changes perfume. The Ambi Pur 3volution (£7.99 RRP for a primary unit) is genius courtesy of its rotating trio of smells which makes sure your nose doesn’t become immune to ‘static’ aroma. Try Ambi Pur Spring Orchard, inspired by freshly cut flowers, fresh fruit and spring blossoms, or Spring Meadow, inspired by luscious citrus, the freshness of morning dew and the purity of white flowers, to complement the season.

*  Become a handyman (or woman) and make small ongoing repairs around the house so things don‘t get worse – stick down peeling paper and paint out ceiling stains etc. If you're not the handy type then don’t just let your home fall into disarray – get someone in and keep your home well maintained!

I do hope the tips are of interest for forthcoming spring cleaning features.  If you would like to receive these tips in full just let me know and I can send across.  I would like to highlight that as these tips are exclusive to Ambi Pur, we would ask for an editorial mention if you would like to use them.

Ambi Pur’s Spring Collection is available in two fresh and uplifting fragrances, Spring Orchard and Spring Meadow.  Both fragrances are available in a scented candle, a single perfume plug-in and in the revolutionary 3volution plug-in.  Ambi Pur 3volution combines three alternating but complementary fragrances that are released in a continuous cycle, one after the other, every 45 minutes so you never get used to the fragrance and can enjoy it again and again and again.
Ambi Pur 3volution 3in1 Odour Neutralizer Spring Orchard Sparkling Fruits & FlowersAmbi Pur 3volution 3in1 Odour Neutralizer Spring Meadow 20ml
mbi Pur Spring Orchard is inspired by freshly cut flowers, fresh fruit and spring blossoms

Ambi Pur Spring Meadow is inspired by luscious citrus, the freshness of morning dew and the purity of white flowers

The Ambi Pur Spring Collection is available from all good supermarkets and independent retailers, prices start at £3.99 (RRP)

Totz2teens - MistressB says:
I've just renewed my ambi Pur 3volution with the spring Orchard refill pack.  Its really refreshing and the waft around the house is delightful.  Wilkinsons have a great variety of the range.

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