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Whilst the summer months fill many of us with concern over another season of sneezing and red eyes from hay fever and other outdoor allergies, we shouldn’t forget those who are still suffering from indoor allergies.  National Allergy Week (18 – 22 May) is designed to create awareness of allergies and those who suffer from them.

According to a new survey from Ambi Pur Puresse, half of respondents said that either they suffer from allergies or someone they live with is a sufferer – with 27 per cent being allergies specific to the home.  As a result, three in ten said they have had to change what products they use because of an allergy sufferer in the family.  But this doesn’t stop those people being house-proud, as an almost perfect 96 per cent still use home fragrance products.

For those looking for kinder fragrances for the home, Ambi Pur Puresse is the first ever allergen reduced air freshener designed to care for the air in your family’s home.  The range is specially formulated by minimising 26 known skin allergens, whilst at the same time retaining the essence of Ambi Pur’s superior fragrances. All of the products in Ambi Pur’s Puresse range have
been awarded the highly coveted Allergy UK Seal of Approval, and remains the only air freshener to be accredited.

Highlighting the interest in gentler products, the survey found that 83 per cent would be more inclined to use Ambi Pur Puresse because it is allergen reduced, with nine in ten respondents being more inclined to use the range because it offers lighter fragrances.

The softer fragrances of Puresse are available in a single perfume plug-in (Cotton and Lotus), an aerosol (Air, Bamboo, Cotton and Lotus) and in the revolutionary 3volution plug-in (Air Sensations and Cotton Sensations).

Ambi Pur 3volution combines three alternating but complementary fragrances, which are released in a continuous cycle, one after the other, every 45 minutes, so you can always notice the fragrance and enjoy it again and agai
n and again. Puresse 3volution is available in two lighter fragrances; Cotton Sensations, inspired by luxurious angora, delicate blossoms and soft clean cottons, and Air Sensations, inspired by a fresh clean peaceful morning, the awakening of nature and the fresh fragrance after summer rain.

So, why not take care of your family’s home with Ambi Pur’s ‘fragrances that care’.

We at Totz2teens have had the opportunity to try out the latest summer fragrances.  We were pleased to try the Puresse aerosol spray, lotus, the single perfume plug in and the 3volution Air Sensations.

They all have fantastic fragrances and have made the different areas of my home smell so fresh and wonderful.  My personal favourite is the 3volution.  I love the ability to be able have different refills for those times when you want differen smells around.  Having this on makes it a pleasure to open the front door or just waft past the hallway where we have it.  being 3 different perfumes has meant that you dont get used to the smell.

Definately a 5/5 for all the products.



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