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University fees and student loan advice for parents
Since the new university fee structure was announced earlier this year, concern has grown amongst parents and students alike that attending university may become too expensive an option to consider. There is a danger that the increase in university fees and the level of misunderstanding around the new university loan structure could result in fewer bright students opting to attend university.

Thereís no doubt a degree is an investment these days, but a new study of British millionaires shows itís still very much worth pursuing. Skandiaís Millionaire Monitor report found that two thirds of British millionaires were educated to degree level, with a third achieving a Masters degree.

Martin Lewis, who is heading up the Independent Taskforce on Student Finance Information, believes with the right financial advice and long term planning it is possible for parents to ensure their children can attend university without either themselves or their children having to live with unmanageable debt for years to come. Whilst he admits parents and students have a right to be concerned about the fee increases, he also believes there is a lot of misinformation floating around.

In the following video he gives parents up-to-date advice and information to make an informed decision about whether university is a feasible financial option for their children. Dr Terry Fish, Head of Twynham School, Christchurch, Dorset also gives his views on why further education really is still worth it, while Jo Rimmer from Skandia reveals more from the research.

More information can be found at www.skandia.co.uk

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