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Mistress B's story of her second birth.

My youngest was born 9 years ago but it is still so very much at the front of my mind.

I had a good pregnancy but was very worried about having a difficult birth as I did the first time.  Also my first was 10lb 2 and a bit, which was huge.

I didnít want to have a freaky baby.  I wanted a nice normal size newborn if possible.

Anyway they decided they would induce me about a week before due date.  So it was planned we went in after dropping ES at mums - getting over chicken pox!!!!!!  It all happens at the same time doesnít it!!!

So they do some tests and we waited.  They wouldnít induce me, as they were busy in labour ward.  So we waited and waited.  Bearing in mind got there at 8am they didnít do the first pessary till 2pm!!

It turned out to be the same midwife that delivered my first.  I also had a student doctor on his first delivery!!! ahhh.

Itís a strange thing to actually be waiting for pain.  I was checked hourly

I got niggles but not a lot else so they put another one in about 9pm when I am only 1cm!!!. My husband got sent home and I went to bed. I really didnít want hubby to go but they were quite insistent.  Apparently the contractions I am having are prostin contractions!  These were enough to make me start being sick.

I was definitely in labour by 2.30am but they said it would be a while yet.  I was having shocking contractions but only 3-4cm dilated, a shot of pethadine - cant do the gas and air.  Did have a go but wasnít for me.  My waters were broken Ė strangely no gush just a trickle!

When you are induced you are monitored throughout as the medical intervention means they need too.
They called hubby and he arrived about 7.00am, the same time as the doctor.  Definitely used breathing techniques throughout and these are really important.  I got the urge to push quite quickly then and they moved aside a bit of the cervix!   35 minutes of pushing and baby popped out at 8.34am.  He is facing upwards which isnít exactly how its supposed to be Ė no wonder I had back pain.  He is passed onto my tummy, Hubby cut the cord.  My baby boy is covered in vernix and doesnít look particularly big.  Baby scored 9,9,9 on the apgar scale.  He has a mega bruise on the top of his head Ė They believe this is due to him turning around during labour and the fact he was face up. 
I didnít have any stitches, which was fab and the thing I was worried about!  I didnít have them first time either.  But grazing is quite painful anyway.

Lovely cup of tea and baby is weighed in at 8lb 8 and a bit 36 and a quarter head circumference A lovely tiny baby.  They discuss it further and decide that he perhaps was more than a week early due to the vernix.  They think he was 2-3 weeks early.  Goodness what size would he have been at full term!

They then made me get up for a bath!!!! 

I stayed in overnight due to the bruise on babies head Ė he became a bit jaundiced but was ok and we both came home to meet the family.


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