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FlipFlops birth story

My Twins were due on 4 July 1995. I am normally only 8 1/2 stone so carrying twins was very uncomfortable.


At 37 weeks pregnant I went for my usual check up which are every other week from 25 weeks. I was given a scan as they did on every check up and was told I had 2 6LB babies. I begged them not to let me go home and could I please be induced as I couldn't walk properly anymore. They agreed.


The next morning 15 June at 10 o'clock I was given an epidural. I had my husband and mum with me and spent the next 10 hours doing crosswords. The only indication of a contraction was by watching them on the monitor. At 8.15pm there was 4 midwives, 2 doctors, 1 paediatrician in the room when I was told I could push. I was told I needed to get baby no 1 out as quickly as possible because baby no2 was getting a bit distressed. The midwife showed me some forceps and said "I will have to use these if you don't get baby 1 out on the next contraction" Well enough said B was born at 8.30pm I then had to wait for the next contraction which seemed to take for ever to come. But at 8.37 J was born. My husbands face was a complete picture. B weighted 5lbs 4 and J 4lbs 12 not as big as first though.


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