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Caitlin was born on Sunday 17th September 06 a week before here due date. The pains started at 1pm on the Sunday. My hubby rang the maternity for advise. They advised me to take some pain killers until I felt like I couldn’t cope with the pain any longer or the contractions where coming every 5mins then they would admit me into hospital.

The contractions where coming every 10 mins, hubby had gone to the garage for pain killers. By the time he had come back from the garage the contractions had got worse. They where coming every 5mins and I wasn’t coping very well.

By 4pm I was on my way into hospital in an ambulance as I couldn’t wait for my friend to get to the house. We where admitted to my own room in maternity and was checked by the midwife. I was 4cm dilated (how quick)!

I was in so much pain by this time that I had Morphine to help the pain and get some sleep. Then I started using Gas and air to help me control my breathing through the contractions.

By 7.30pm I had broke my waters and was fully dilated and with just 30mins of pushing Caitlin was here weighing 6lb 12oz. with no need for any stitches or intervention.



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