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My first pregnancy was a very hard time for all of my family a very long 9 months but hers is the birth story.....

DH and I had always said it would have been nice to have Daniel born on a day that had been a good day but we knew it could not be planned that way.

On the 23rd June 2002 we got up and decided to skip church and take a drive up to lead hills for the day lovely summers day but up there, there was a cold wind. lol

as we got to lead hills and I mean drove in to the town lol I had a huge pain down below it lasted for a few Min's then went away Colin asked if we wanted to turn back but I said no we will be ok. after about an hour I said look I think we had better go home we need to get the house tidy

drove home and I was shattered so I went to bed and asked Colin to keep me company

at about 4:30pm I was woken by Colin going to the lo and felt what I think must have been my "show" but seemed more like a plug lol and a trickle so I jumped up just as my waters went.

I had no pain what so ever so I called the hospital and they said come down due to your pregnancy we want to monitor you

so about 7pm we headed to the hospital still no pain a horrid midwife came to check me over and a Dr came in too and said he was about to give me an internal and did I want Colin to leave the room lol em NO anyway after he did it he said to the MW can you check that I think its 2 cm she said no it cant be its her first she's not due for another 16 days gave the internal and said huff your 2 cm but your water's have not went lol em yeah they did lol

anyway I was dreading her bringing my child into the world but her next thing she said to me was well my shifts over so see you tomorrow you wont have delivered by then (yeah she was lovely lol not) she went and about half an hour later a new midwife came in and like a click my contractions started the MW was timing them and it was funny cause every time she said well we are looking for them to go so many in a minute they did it

I was on gas and air and at about 10ish she gave me diamorphine I was in so much pain (cant take pain lol) she told ,me to try and calm down that I have a long time ahead of me she went out the room for a bit and when she came back she said look your too stressed I am going to see about you getting moved to high dependency and seeing if they will give you an epidural (was told couldn't have one due to meds) so for the next wee while we were left alone and after every contraction I felt the need to go to the loo but nothing came out lol

the MW came back and she said ok I have to take you along and they are going to give you one I told them you are very early stages and getting too distressed

I said ok but I need the loo first next thing I know she's pressing the buzzer and pulling trolleys over and telling me not to move

Daniel was born at 11:54pm on the 23rd June 2002 16 days early as bright as a button 7lb had to stay in hospital for 2 days due to him needing monitored

the notes say that the baby came so fast she never go a chance to get her gloves on lol under 4 hours for a first baby not bad eh lol and I would say only 3 hours with contractions that counted lol

my sis now works with the MW and she said to Von ah I remember your sister we were all telling her to calm down and I didn't even get a chance to get my gloves on lol

I was a very good girl Colin said I spoke nice and polite all the way through lol

I will do Matthews but its hard for me to do so will do it when I have more time



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