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Savvy's Birth Stories

I went into premature labour at 32 weeks was having contractions at intermittent intervals, I went to hospital they said that she was fully engaged, I thought I would soon see who had been kicking me at last. Then the bombshell came they said that I had to admitted into hospital as my blood pressure was dangerously high. I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia ( this was the same time a storyline was on coronation street and her baby died, because she had pre-eclampsia. I was given an injection to stop the contractions, which worked.

Anyway I stayed in hospital for 2 weeks till they were happy I was well enough to go home. At my 38 week check up I was admitted again after my blood pressure was ridiculously high, so then they decided to induce me. Well they tried 6 times and the little devil kicked herself back out. Then the consultant decided to break my waters (after trying 2 weeks of failed inducements) they found it had meconium in so they said the baby was getting distressed. So they took me down to a labour room and put me on a drip to kick start my contractions. After being there all day my contractions only got to 98% and she was getting so distressed and I was tired.

In the end at 10.30pm they decided to do an emergency caesarean they said she was stuck at 11.26pm I had a lovely little girl who weighed 9lbs. Despite what I had been through I took one look at her and thought it was worth it all. We went up to the ward to begin our new life together.

I had a planned c-section for her, they took me down to the theatre when all of a sudden they said we have to call the main consultant. He came took one look at Jenna and said " bloody hell your in deep ".  Apparently Jenna wanted to be born naturally and I was actually in slow labour. So the consultant knelt on the tale with his hand in my belly( it was like a scene out of a comedy). He had to grab her legs to pull her up to get her out the sun-roof. After a few minutes of tugging my little girl came into the world at a healthy 8lb 4oz's.

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