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Wenders Birth Story
baby no. 2

I woke up on Friday morning with pains every 1/2 hour or so.. I could tell it was the beginning of labour but as my last labour went on for days I wanted to carry on with things for as long as I could... so me and dh still went to his cousins wedding at 1pm.

Contractions started to come about every 15/20 mins by 2pm and were definately getting stronger each time.. We rung up mil to pre warn her that she may have to come away from the wedding early & that we weren't going to evening doo.

We put Daniel to bed early about 6.30/6.45pm to get him out of the way as the pains were every 10/15mins by now. We rang mil at the wedding about 10.30pm and told her to make her way to our house as we're going up to the hospital. She got to ours about 10.45pm (I think they drove at 100 mph!!) and then we got to the hospital at about 11.30pm, Friday.

I got checked out and told I wasn't dilated at all! I was very upset and it started to all come back from last time, which I'd managed to keep out of my mind so far. I just thought this is it, another 5 day labour... 

BUT we got home about 12.30am I told dh to go to spare room for some sleep as I'd be awake most of the night and it seemed pointless us both being awake plus someone had to be half awake for Daniel! lol

Contractions were coming every 5/10mins but manageable but then every 30mins I'd get a very very strong one that made me get out of bed and sit up, the others I managed to stay half asleep through. By 6am I was in pain and woke dh up to sit with me. I had a bath then daniel woke about 6.30am so I was back on my own in our bedroom while he took care of Daniel.

dh made me a bacon buttie and then went for a walk around the park opposite my house. Mil rang when we got back and said she'd take Daniel off our hands for the day, so dh dropped him off!  I was nice in a weird way for me and dh to spend all day together with no Daniel and no builders or doing some kind of DIY.

Eventually I put on my tens machine in the afternoon which helped with the pains a bit. Then by 6.30pmish I'd had enough, but didn't really want to go into hospital as I was convinced I'd be sent away again. We waited til 7.30pm as visiting finishes at 8pm and the car park is TINY at Wigan hospital! so thought we'd get more of a chance to park close to the door...lol 

Got to the labour ward about 7.45/8pm. She examined me and said I was 5cms dilated and that she would book us in to a delivery suite! 

I couldn't believe it! I was so happy for them to tell me I was in proper labour, but then thought it's not over yet it could still be a long way to go...

I took my tens machine off and swapped it for gas & air (which was a surprise as I hated it last time). The midwife was one I knew from when I had Daniel so it was great to see a familiar face. I kept saying to dh that it was going to be a Sunday due date baby but the midwife said she thought it was being born on the Saturday.

I kept contracting and dh was great, I just trying to get through each contraction on it's own and try and not think about last time and eventually got some confidence and positive attitude about it all which really helped me.

Then I had a really big contraction as I was getting off the bed for a wee. I thought I'd had a big wee every where but then realised it must be my waters!! lol 

Then in the end the pain was too much and I asked for some pethedine. So she checked to see how dilated I was before injecting it. She said I was 8cm so could still have it. Then more or less as soon as I felt it working I had the urge to push. It was so weird because I never had that strong of an urge when I had Daniel74 due to the epidural.

She got another midwife straight away and started to undo the birthing pack! Joseph was born about 10 mins later! After only 6 minutes of pushing! I couldn't believe he was out that quick but I just remember for saying this bit will smart and I thought "This f*ckin hurts like hell!! I've got to get this baby OUT now!" lol  so he was out in 3 contractions I think, born at 11.33pm Saturday night!

I had no stitches but I did tear slightly on my perineum (I know bet you wanted to know that!) which stings like hell when I wee, so I'm drinking loads of water to help with the weeing, pooing and the breastfeeding!

I couldn't believe he was born so quickly after getting to the hospital. I was so convinced I'd be still be pregnant on Sunday. I am happy things went ok this time at last I have a positive birth story to remember rather than a horrible one!

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