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My YS was due on 30th March 2002 (Easter Saturday) on the Thursday before, I woke up feeling "damp" and thought my waters were trickling (this happened with my 1st pregnancy) Rang the midwife, she said to stay active and come in and see her at the end of clinic, 11am. When I got there, she did a test with an indicator which changes colour if amniotic fluid is present, it was so things were on the move slowly even though no signs of any contractions. Midwife told me to go for a long walk, go up and down stairs and stay upright and as mobile as possible and that she expected to see me in the birth centre in the next 24 hours.

DH and I walked miles!! But, no contractions came. I went up in the bath about 7.40pm as I was "uncomfortable" but not contracting, just bad back and period like pains. I was desperate to get the baby out so tried nipple tweaking and within 2 minutes, had a huge contraction in the bath. Got out and dried and dressed fast and had another huge contraction. Went downstairs to tell DH to ring the hospital as thought I was in labour! LOL, whilst he was on the phone, got the urge to go to the loo so darted upstairs, got on the loo, huge contraction, had a show and then my waters broke, all in the space of about 5 mins, by this time I was screaming and couldn't get off the loo! DH had been told to phone 999 so he did and was being told to get me off the loo and onto the floor (with trousers & knickers round my ankles! lol) finally managed to get on the floor, ambulance men arrived and squeezed in my tiny bathroom with DH! Ambulance man said we could be at the hospital within 12 minutes. I said I couldn't move, turned round to lean on the bath, huge contraction and Harry "popped out" and was caught by DH and the ambulance man!!

Midwife arrived about 5 minutes after the event and cut the cord, cleaned Harry up and dressed him, wrapped him up and told us to keep him warm and cuddle him as he was born so quick, he might have jaundice and need to go to hospital. They said they would check on him in the morning and see if he had improved, which he did so never did go to hospital.

It was all very natural and it was nice to just shower and crawl into bed with our new baby but, afterwards started thinking about all the "what if's" but, all was well, although I would never have chosen a home
birth, just not much choice in this one! LOL



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