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How you can help your children start a conversation about mental health

Log onto the live and interactive show where we discuss how important it is to talk about mental health  

Show date: 22nd January  

Show time: 1pm  

Most of us know someone who has experience of mental health problems, but knowing how to talk about it can sometimes be difficult and awkward. Itís often hard to know if weíre saying the right thing and whether weíre just making things worse for the other person so many of us decide not to say anything at all. 

Although mental health problems have started to become more openly spoken about, with well known figures such as Ruby Wax, Stephen Fry and Frank Bruno and more recently Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays speaking about their personal battles, many people still find it difficult to know what to say or how to support them.  However, you donít need to be an expert to start a conversation, simply asking someone how they are and being there to listen is really important. Time to Change, Englandís biggest mental health anti-stigma programme, run by the charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, has launched a new campaign which aims to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems. It aims to remove the awkwardness around mental health by focusing on the small steps we can all make to support someone experiencing a mental health problem and encouraging people to have a conversation.   

Whether you have experienced a mental health problem, or you know someone who has been affected, for tips on starting your conversation and knowing how to deal with mental health issues, log onto our live and interactive show where we have Aronda Atkinson and Isaac Samuels who feature in the new Time to Change advert - Isaac has bipolar disorder and Aronda is his friend who has supported him through his mental health problem, alongside Sue Baker, the director of Time to Change.BTV SHOW LOGISTICS

Aronda Atkinson, Isaac Samuels and Sue Baker join us live online at http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/how-you-can-help-start-a-conversation-about-mental-health  on 22nd January at 1pm

Click here to submit questions before the show http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/how-you-can-help-start-a-conversation-about-mental-health

Website: www.time-to-change.org.uk  

Hashtag: @timetotalk


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