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Early Signs of Pregnancy

So, you're wondering if you might be pregnant, but don't know the very early signs of pregnancy? While pregnancy symptoms will often vary between women and even between pregnancies, there are some common symptoms to give you some help.

Missed Period
This is one of the early signs and what typically will lead to a pregnancy test. While this is a good indication of being pregnant, it's not foolproof the first month. Some women may still have light bleeding during their first month.

Morning Sickness
Another common pregnancy symptom is the dreaded morning sickness. It will generally start as soon as two weeks after conception, although it can take up to 8 weeks for it to begin. While most women experience this nauseous feeling, there are some who never do.

Tender Or Swollen Breasts
Having unusually tender breasts is a very early sign of pregnancy also. This symptom can begin within a week or two after conception. Women may also notice their breasts becoming swollen and quite sensitive. You may also notice your areolas darken.

Implantation Bleeding
This symptom is a very early sign of pregnancy. Within 6-10 days of conception, the embryo attaches itself to inside the walls of the uterus. When this takes place it's very common that a woman will have cramping as well as spotting.

Feeling Tired
A feeling of increased tiredness or fatigue is another pregnancy symptom which begins early on after conception.

Increased Urination
This is a classic early sign of pregnancy that affects most every woman.

Frequent Headaches
Do to the shifting and rising of your body's hormones, many women experience headaches during the early stages of pregnancy.

These are the most common very early signs of pregnancy. There are others such as food cravings, backaches, etc., but many of these occur well after the early stages of conception.

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