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My Night at the
Clayton Crown Hotel, Cricklewood, London

Clayton Crown Hotel, 142-152 Cricklewood Broadway, London NW2 3ED

The Clayton Crown Hotel website says:

One of the finest four star hotels in North West London. It is ideally located for speedy access to Kings Cross St Pancras, Luton Airport, Wembley Stadium and Arena, Brent Cross, and the M1 and M25 Motorways. Perfectly located for your stay in London.

Clayton Crown Hotel London boasts 152 guest rooms and suites which are extremely spacious. The extra space teamed with modern design and styling ensures optimum comfort for all guests. The guest rooms are a perfect option for both leisure and corporate guests.

  • Deluxe & Executive Rooms
  • Junior Suites and King Suite
  • 4 meeting rooms
  • Conference facilities for up to 300 delegates
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Fitness Suite & swimming pool
  • Wedding venue
  • PanAsia Restaurant & Crown Pub
  • Guest pay parking

My Review

I stayed for one night. Room 123 in April 2016.   I believe this may be an accessible room as it had the pull cord and very very low sink. I was not in a wheelchair but I do have mobility issues. HOWEVER, the bath was still a bath so if someone was in a wheelchair they would not have been able to bath or shower.  I am not sure this can truly be classes as accessible.

Staying in the bathroom -

  • The low sink spat out water all over me and the floor which was very frustrating.

  • The bath had black mould around the seal at the tap end.

  • The shower screen glass was clean BUT the seal at the bottom was ripped and seriously disgusting condition.

  • The shower head looked like it had parts missing and was caked in limescale

  • The shower/bath controls were also laiden with limescale

  • I found hairs on the toilet which were not from me!

  • The drop down hand rail did not drop down.  I tried!

The bedroom

On first impression the room looked tidy and inviting however once I was in the room properly I was disappointed

  • An ironing board and iron just lent up next to the bed.

  • The table was awful. It looked like a leftover reject from a pub and was covered in marks and did not look appealing at all.  I wouldn't have kept that in my garden!

  • The television controller had no back so the batteries were exposed and loose.

  • The desk/tv unit was also lacking in varnish in places which looked tatty.

  • Drawers were broken on the desk unit and bedside cabinet and therefore difficult to open.

  • Dust in places that really should not have been dusty such as the lamp base, mirror, bedside table,

  • The telephone was revoltingly grimy and nasty. I would not be happy with that level of grime on the buttons at home and when I go to a hotel I expect it to be cleaner than my home.

  • The bed was comfy but very firm.  It was a great size.  I loved having a massive bed all to myself.  That was a treat.

  • The worst thing in my opinion was that the fire sensor in the bedroom had been covered with a plastic bag. I went down and told the staff and they said it would be sorted immediately. It did not get sorted.

  • The window view was a roof and vents but this meant there really was no road noise which was a bonus.

  • Air conditioning - no instructions anywhere so had to fiddle

  • Same with the tv - no instructions which was annoying. 

  • Even the welcome booklet was appalling - there were pages that were illegible due to over printing - surely this shouldn't have been passed to allow them to go in the rooms - shocking.


  • Food wise - I ate in The Crown Lounge - the service and meal was lovely however in the lounge area the seats are so low compared to the table I found it incredibly hard to eat my steak. I even tried putting the plate on my lap but that wasn't comfy nor how you want to eat when out.

  • The PanAsia restaurant is upstairs and that is also where breakfast is held.  I went to breakfast but no one told me that there wasn't a lift up to the restaurant and also once in the breakfast area is down 2 steps (which means trying to get up 2 steps with food and a walking stick!) No staff offered to help at this point.  I lost a croissant on my journey back!

  • I asked for Hot Water as that is what I drink.  I was bought a pot with water in which when I poured came out tea coloured.  The waitress was apologetic and took it away and the next one came still badly brown but better than the first one.  I am surprised they don't have some pots just for hot water as it is not actually a totally alien request these days.  I also wonder why it should be so brown considering that I would have thought everything goes through a dishwasher, I would have thought it would have been quite clean.  Most definitely not in this case.

The Hotel

Reception on coming into the hotel was good.  The rotating doors were not working so a sign directed to a door.  I think that the receptionist changed the room that I was booked into.  She didn't ask but perhaps she was using her initiative and thought an accessible room would be better for me. I think it would have been nice if they had said about the difficulties for breakfast re the stairs and steps.  Plus just  telling me where it was to be served would have left less guessing in the morning.  The lifts were quick which was fabulous.  The doors through to the corridor were very heavy and awkward for me but I got to the room  - the furthest along the corridor!  There is a swimming pool but I did not use this.

The staff I came across were polite.  The waitress in the

So over all I was quite disappointed at what should have been a nice treat.

Check Out

I left at 9.15am - Only one person on the reception which was a bit ridiculous.  Eventually (and the people before me did seem to take an age to get through as they had a number of things to sort out regarding things charged to the room and to their group)

I was asked how was my stay.  I said that I was not happy at all.  I gave in my feedback form and spoke again about the sensor and they said "oh! I am sorry we will take that on board. Thank you for taking the time to fill in the form"   I felt like she was just going to throw it in the bin to be honest.

The lady was Very polite though.

 Quite disappointed indeed.

The icing on the cake happened when I left.  Just outside the entrance was some seats and  I saw a pint glass in the large feature flower pot at 9.30am which must have been from the night before.  This really showed the level of care that was taken around the Hotel and if you cant get an entrance right, how on earth is the rest going to be in order.

I hate doing negative reviews but it was so hard to find positive things about this stay.  I have tried to find as many as I could!

Reviewed by Yolanda Barker 28th/29th April 2016


Totz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel - Bathroom
Totz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel - mould around bath
Totz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel - BathroomTotz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel - Limescale on shower & controls
Totz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel - Hand rail
Totz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel Bedroom (I have sat on the bed)
Totz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel - Bag over Fire sensor
Totz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel - TV Controller and State of the desk
Totz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel - Table in room
Totz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel - Ironing Board left in room next to bed
Totz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel - Broken Drawer (one of)
Totz2teens - Clayton Crown Hotel Pint Glass in pot 9.30am!

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