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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter opens its doors for the very first time to visitors from 31st March 2012.  Totz2teens were exceedingly honoured to be able to visit this most awaited attraction to open in the UK for some time.

Getting to the venue was without difficulty.  Plenty of signposts ensuring we made our way, we needn't have worried as we got closer it was absolutely obvious where to go.  The new car park still being adorned in greenery and the buzz of people getting ready for opening day. 

To say we were excited was an understatement.  As avid Harry Potter fans we have lived with Harry long before the films even came out.  Our children have been bought up on the audio books so we all knew the stories.  Once the films arrived one by one we clambered to the cinema for as early (or late) showing we could get to.  

The Studio Tour just tops off the whole Harry Potter Experience as we all were ready to see the sets and secrets that may be exposed to us.

The entrance hall has plenty of food area, shop, ticketing area and toilets which met the approval of both male and female.  The disabled toilet was adequate although I did feel the toilet should have been slightly over as the sink was in the way a bit but of course this did not deter from anything we were waiting to experience.

The cupboard under the stairs gave us an inkling to tempt us and get us even more ready to enter the tour itself.

This unique walking tour attraction offers visitors the very first opportunity to journey behind-the-scenes and experience the magic that has gone into creating the most successful film series of all time. Visitors are able to see firsthand the sheer scale and detail of the actual sets, costumes, animatronics, special effects and props used in all eight of the Harry Potter films.  

After a short film to get us in the mood (not that I wasn't!!!)  we were taken into The Great Hall.  Real floors and incredible details make this awesome.  We are told some facts and shown areas within the hall.  It is just astounding how much detail that has gone into every part of the hall.  Things that wont even necessarily get seen are taken into consideration. I did feel I could have spent a little longer in the hall but we were ushered through to the first main area.  I feel I need to go back to check out the hall again and see all the delights it holds.

I loved looking at all the little parts of the sets and props.  Being able to really observe the ability to create something that looks completely different on screen is so miraculous. 

Costumes were displayed in various areas and actually the part of this I liked was that they didn't use models that were like the actors.  The actual dummies are just that and the whole focus remains on the actual costume. 

At each area there are staff members who are exceedingly knowledgeable and friendly.  I probed a few to see where their knowledge went and each time they were able to talk about the set and other areas really well.  They were not parrots but genuine people.  If you stand at one area and happen to listen to them talking to another visitor, by the time you are near the front they can talk about something else with you so there is no repeating of the same small set piece of information.  This was key to making the tour work for myself and my family.

Having a go at flying a broom was a great laugh, flying through the streets of London and generally making a fool of myself was hilarious.   Like all attractions this is the opportunity to have your picture taken and it is rather expensive at £12 - especially as there is only one person on a broomstick so if you have a couple of children and wanted both - that would then come out a tad pricey.

After looking at these awesome sets and props we move to an outside area called The Backlot where you can buy yourself a Butterbeer for £2.75!  That has to be done, just to try it.  Only one between the whole family as I don't think anyone would guzzle it down as its incredibly super sweet and creamy.  You do need to try it though.  Space is provided here for you to have some refreshments with long benches all under cover.  Here is an opportunity to take some of your own photos with the Night Bus, Hagrid's Motorcycle and the Ford Anglia.  Also Privet Drive, Hogwarts Bridge and some other phenomenal sets and props from the films/

I don't want to just list the things we saw as this does not benefit anyone but for any Harry Potter fan it is all really fascinating.

Walking through Diagon Alley was a total gem.  My son and I were in seventh heaven.  I could have stayed here studying every detail for ages.

Just when you think things cant get any more amazing you are faced with the most enormous and bedazzling sight of Hogwarts Castle.  Seeing the Castle in its whole glory was a delight.

On to the shop - A good look around and wand choosing went on between us all, lots of lovely goodies of varying prices which I am sure everyone will be pleased with their bit of Harry Potter memorabilia.

I have seen some reports about the cost which YES is high BUT it is actually cheaper than Madam Tussauds and you spend about the same amount of time in each attraction.

As someone with a disability I was very aware of how functional the attraction would be for people with mobility issues.   I do believe that everyone can be included successfully in the day out at The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Overall - The Making of Harry Potter is a must for any Harry Potter film fan especially if they have an interest in film making or set design/make-up or animatronics.  I am pleased to say that the proposed 3 hours was about right for us.   In fact I think if it was actually busier we would have taken longer.  We all were so pleased we have been able to visit the Studio Tour and have come away buzzing about our awesome day out.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter is now open with timed tickets available. Tickets are priced at £28 for adults, £21 for children and £83 for a family of four. Tickets must be booked in advance via a dedicated website www.wbstudiotour.co.uk or through approved tour operators. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden WD25 7LR

Our Photos from our Day Out at The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour, London


Have you spotted The Golden Snitch in our photos?

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