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Meet Dave £17.99 PG

Comedy King Eddie Murphy is DAVE – a clumsy, disco-dressed alien spaceship on a mission to save his home planet!  Landing on UK earth and on DVD on December 1st, MEET DAVE is a hilarious family comedy certain to keep everyone laughing through to Christmas.

MEET DAVE stars Murphy (Shrek, The Nutty Professor), Elizabeth Banks (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Spider-Man), Gabrielle Union (Running with Scissors, Bring it On) and Ed Helms (The Office, Evan Almighty) in this side-splitting epic adventure from director Brian Robbins (The Shaggy Dog, Norbit).

Dave and his crew of tiny, human-looking aliens arrive on earth in the perfect disguise – a spaceship that looks like an ordinary man (who also closely resembles the ship’s captain played by Murphy). Each miniature member is responsible for operating a particular part of the body and the crew embarks on an adventure in Manhattan where they meet a family who teaches them a thing or two about humanity. Dave develops an unlikely friendship with a mother, Gina Morrison (Elizabeth Banks) and her young son Josh, forcing him to rethink his humanity and to lay his body — and his spaceship — on the line!

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.  Meet Dave: £17.99 

Totz2teens Review: Meet Dave is a funny, entertaining film staring Eddie Murphy.  DAVE is a spacecraft that contains lots of tiny people.  This makes for an amusing film with the actions that this apparent human looking person.  The whole family watched Meet Dave and we all had a good laugh at the silliness that occurs.  We would be happy to recommend Meet Dave to anyone wanting a nice family film to watch.

Totz2teens Rating: 4/5


Dr Dolittle 4  £12.99 PG
Dr Dolittle 4: Tail To The Chief makes it’s UK debut exclusively on DVD. Kyla Pratt (Dr. Dolittle films) returns as the “animal whisperer” Maya Dolittle who discovers that being accepted into veterinary school isn’t as easy as she expected.  She certainly never expected that her “gift” would be a matter of national security in this fun-filled comedy! Just when she was feeling like a huge disappointment, the President of the United States (Peter Coyote – E.T., A Walk to Remember) asks Maya to use her special talents to work with the disobedient First Dog in order to help avert a major national crisis.  With her important new assignment and lots of help from her loyal dog pal Lucky, Maya finally has a chance to impress the veterinary school acceptance committee.  Perfect fun for the entire family, Dr. Dolittle 4: Tail To The Chief delivers a wholesome, animal-filled comedy for all to enjoy

Totz2teens Member Review:  Dr Dolittle 4 sees the return of Maya Dolittle - Daughter of the original Dr Dolittle (Eddie Murphy).  Maya talks to the animals and is requested to go to the white house to attempt to help the presidents naughty dog.  She has to then go with President and his dog to a secret ranch where she helps the president sort out the dog further.  We enjoyed watching this film.  This doesn't have a great deal of common ground with the previous films so is quite good as a stand alone story.  Of course the actual basis of the film is similar to the previous films and if you have seen them you are aware but it doesn't affect the watchability of the film from the children's perspective.

Totz2teens Rating:  3/5
The Child and the Fox  £12.99   PG
Academy Award® winning director Luc Jacquet invites you on a journey to the heart of a marvellous tale, the extraordinary meeting of a fox and a little girl.  Through an exceptional relationship, each reveals its world to the other... The Fox And The Child, narrated by Kate Winslet (Titanic, Finding Neverland), is released to buy and rent on DVD on 8 December 2008 from Pathé Distribution Ltd.

 In 2005, Luc Jacquet gave us the masterpiece March of the Penguins, one of the most beautiful and visually amazing films of our time. His following film The Fox And The Child takes us on an astonishing adventure of love and friendship.

One Autumn morning, a little girl (Bertille Noel-Bruneau), catches sight of a wild fox whilst on her way to school through the forest. Fascinated to the point that she forgets all fear, she dares to approach him. For an instant, the barriers that separate the child and the animal disappear. Although the fox flees from her, the young girl feels a strong desire to meet it again.

During the following months, she spends most of her free time in the forests exploring nature and wildlife, but above all searching for the fox. She doesn’t see it again for months, until one winter morning she follows its tracks into the woods until she finds it’s home under a tree.  She patiently waits outside for the fox to come out and when it does, an amazing and powerful friendship begins. Thanks to the fox, the little girl discovers a wild and secret environment, and embarks on an adventure which will change her life forever. 

Beautifully shot, and set against a breathtaking mountain backdrop, The Fox And The Child makes the perfect gift for all the family on DVD this Christmas.  Don’t miss out on the chance to see this moving and heart-warming tale this winter.
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Totz2teens Member Review: A child finds a fox and the fox tries staying away but she keeps trying to track it down.  It is a charming film but we did not like the ending where it turns a little gruesome for our liking.  Some children may find this a bit upsetting but it was still a good film with a happy ending after all and it left you with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Totz2teens Rating: 3/5

Finley the Fire Engine: Fun in the Snow  £9.99
Here comes Finley. It's time to play!
It's winter in Friendlyville and Finley and his friends are having fun playing in the snow.
Play and learn with Finley in these 10 fun-packed adventures.

- Weather Or Not
- Sing A Song
- Finley And The Fix-It Shop
- Down In The Dumps
- Sharing And Caring
- Dex The Spoilsport
- Fire Drilled
- Gorby Gets The Hiccups
- Ride A Mile In My Tyres
- Bonus Episode: Miguel On Ice
Totz2teens Member Review:  Thank you for letting us review Finley the fire engine: Fun in the snow.  The first episode is snow related and teaches about listening to others and the dangers of driving in the snow.  All the episodes are fun and interesting with high morals.  My little boy loved watching the different trucks and their stories.    Finley the Fire Engine is about a group of different trucks.  The stories are animated perfectly and the voices and songs are all brilliant.  We sat and watched a couple of episodes and then watched a few more later which we both enjoyed and I enjoyed as it kept him rather happy watching it.  A really catchy theme tune too which I found myself humming!  Thanks.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  4/5

Postman Pat® Special Delivery Service:‘A Brand New Mission’

AVAILABLE ON DVD 17th NOVEMBER 2008   £12.99

It’s Postman Pat as you have never seen him before! He’s been promoted to the ‘Head of the Special Delivery Service’. This action-packed DVD includes six brand new episodes from the all new Postman Pat® SDS series and amazing DVD extras including the exciting ‘Mission: To Deliver’ game, a virtual tour of Greendale and the new town of Pencaster and fun DVD rom activities. 

Brand new Postman Pat® SDS features an expanded and diverse cast, a fleet of new vehicles and a new town. From the delivery of a runaway cow to an ice cube, a bouncy castle and even a family of hibernating fruit bats, no mission is too big for the nation’s favourite Postman.  With new action-packed storylines the show follows Postman Pat®  and his trusty sidekick Jess the Cat® on a mission to deliver – anything, anytime, anywhere!’

Totz2teens Member Review:  Postman Pat is a wondrous phenomenon that manages to work his magic with children for many years.  Postman Pat has been an incredible success and this DVD shows a diversity in the story.  Pat has been promoted.  He is now Head of Special Delivery Service.  This means he gets a different van to drive and even a helicopter which is quite impressive for a postie isnt it.  He handles his dilemmas incredibly well and always with a smile.  The action increases with this dvd as he has the ability to use the different vehicles and also his van is bigger thus fitting bigger and more exciting things inside it.  My little one liked the dvd immensely and as like many children always adores Jess the cat whose humour will make anyone smile.

The DVD contains 6 episodes which are all fabulous and full of entertainment.

A definately impressive new 'post' for Postman Pat. 

Totz2teens Member Rating: 4.5/5

Basil Brush: Crazy Christmas Release Date: 24th November 2008  £8.99
Boom Boom! Enjoy a festive Basil this year with this superb collection of everybody's favourite comedy fox! Sit back and howl with laughter at these 6 stupendous episodes:

1. Santa Brush
2. There's No Business Like Snow Business
3. Basil's Angels: Fox On The Run
4. Basil Hood
5. The Da Basil Code
6. Christmas Dinners

Totz2teens Member Review:  Mesmorized.  My children adored this DVD and sat and watched the whole dvd in one go.  They are great Basil Brush fans and this did not fail at all to keep them amused.  Each episode has a festive theme and each one is filled with the foxy humour that fans will be pleased to watch.  This would make a great treat present as its a simply riotous escapade throughout.  Basil Brush and his gang get up to many mad cap schemes but it is all done in a fun and exiting way.  My son says that it is totally brilliant and my daughter says that it is excellent.  So it gets a complete thumbs up from us.  6 episodes of festive foxy humour. 

Totz2teens Member Rating:  5/5
Barbie in A Christmas Carol
To celebrate the release of Barbie’s first ever Christmas movie, an adaptation of the famous Scrooge fable, Barbie™ In A Christmas Carol - available on DVD 10th November 2008, we’re offering three lucky winners the chance to win a copy of the DVD.

Barbie™ in A Christmas Carol is a heart-warming adaptation of the classic Dickens story filled with cherished Christmas carols, fabulous fashions and lots of laughs!

The tale stars Barbie™ as Eden Starling™ the glamorous singing diva of a theatre in Victorian London. Eden’s self-centred character is a modern take on the character ‘Scrooge’ of the original Dickens Christmas Carol story. Along with her snooty cat, Chuzzlewit, Eden selfishly plans to make all the theatre performers stay and rehearse on Christmas Day! Not even Eden’s costume designer and childhood friend Catherine can talk Eden out of her self-centred tantrum.

It’s up to three very unusual Christmas Spirits to take Eden on a fantastical journey that will open her heart to the spirit of the season and the joy of giving.   

Barbie™ in A Christmas Carol is a family favourite to enjoy every Christmas season!   £16.99 from all good retailers.

Totz2teens Member Review:
Barbie in A Christmas Carol is a great festive film.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching this as did my daughters.  Of course I know the story of A Christmas Carol but this had a great twist in the tale making Barbie in A Christmas Carol a smashing original film to watch.  My eldest daughter said that she loved watching this film as it was fun and interesting with a good story to it.  My Younger daughter said that she enjoyed the film and liked the snow globe and the cat.  The film is typically 'Barbie' sweetness which was absolutely loved in this house.  As an adult I enjoyed watching the different version of A Christmas Carol and loved the Christmassy feel that it gave me.  My children have watched it again twice so I know its a hit.  Very much recommend.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  5/5


Directed by Jean Lemire, Thierry Piantanida & Thierry Ragobert

 Out To Own On DVD 3rd November 2008 

The White Planet is an extraordinary documentary that examines the impact that global warming is having on the adorable, yet endangered denizens of the North Pole. Featuring astonishing cinematography often at breathtaking proximity, the film makes stars of the local wildlife who prove themselves to be as idiosyncratic, funny and charming as anything that the Ice Age films could come up with – seals with inflatable nostrils, giant walruses with unicorn-like horns (the narwhals) and half a million caribou who make up the world’s second largest yearly migration – but only if the weather report is promising enough. 

Extras: Making of - the Film / Making of - the Music / Interviews with the director, cinematographer and other crew members / Original theatrical trailer and teaser trailer

Feature Running Time: 86 mins approx (extras 127’), Region 2, RRP: £19.99

© LE CERCLE NOIR pour FIDELIO. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by Optimum

Releasing Ltd. Artwork © 2008 Optimum Releasing Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Totz2teens Review:  We found this to be the most impressive and interesting dvd.   The film is showing the wildlife and surroundings of the snow and ice.  Watching the incredible journeys these animals take throughout their lives was inspiring.  I know that anyone who loves watching life documentaries will find this an exciting and wondrous dvd to watch.  The stories of each species and how they survive in what looks like the bleakest of environments will ensure that this would make a fantastic gift. 

Totz2teens Member Rating:  4/5 

Mr Bump Presents: Trains, Planes & Dillymobiles!
Everyone’s favourite children’s characters are brought magically to life when the first installment of The Mr. Men Show is released to buy on DVD on 6th October 2008, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Based on the much-loved original stories created by ROGER HARGREAVES, The Mr. Men Show is an inspired re-imagining of this classic property, which has sold in excess of 100 million book copies worldwide over the past 36 years.

Welcome to Dillydale, home of the Mr. Men and Little Misses. Every day brings new adventures and exciting discoveries for the town’s many personalities. Happy, Messy, Grumpy, Naughty…whatever your mood, there’s always a friend waiting for you in the world of The Mr. Men Show!

Totz2teens Member Review:
Mr Bump is a really delightful, delicious dvd.  Full of the lovely Mr Men characters this dvd brings a super set of stories.  Each one has a different theme including funny little capers and quirky stories.  The extras on the dvd are really great too. It includes little games but actually the bit I really liked was the teach you how to draw Mr Bump.  Ok mine came out a bit rubbish but my little boy was impressed and thats what counts.  I think that any Mr Men/Little Miss fan will enjoy watching this dvd and I am sure that old fans ie parents will be able to impress their youngsters too.   The familiarity of seeing the characters from the books ties it all in together which means the child already has the opportunity to recognise characteristics which are reinforced in the episodes.  We all very much enjoyed watching this dvd and I am sure it will be back on again soon too.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  5/5


The NeverEnding Story
DVD, £9.99 (U)
Bastian, a lonely schoolboy, alienated from his father and bullied by his classmates, retreats to an attic where he becomes engrossed in a book entitled "The Neverending Story."  It is the tale of a magical kingdom named, appropriately, Fantasia, since it is a world born of human fantasies. Fantasia is being destroyed by great storms of Nothingness as mankind loses faith in the powers of imagination and fantasies die.  Dangerously ill herself, Fantasia's youthful empress sends a handsome warrior on a quest to find a cure for both her and her kingdom.  After encounters with flying dragons, swamp monsters and a vast assortment of other fantastic creatures, the young hero discovers that only a human boy can save Fantasia, at which point Bastian is drawn, literally, into the pages of the story.

Totz2teens Member Review:
It was an interesting film.  With different styled characters like humans, magical creatures including a dragon. 

My mum had told me this was a film that was made when she was younger and it did look like it.  The filming was quite different to films made today.  It was still enjoyable to watch.

It was good.  The Morals of the story were good – stand up for yourself and reading can be fun sometimes and everything has a meaning.

The theme tune was very catchy but that may have been because Mum was singing it too.

I would happily watch it again and I have recommended my brother watches it too.

Totz2teens  Rating:   4/5

Uncle Max Series 1, Part 2
DVD £12.99
Uncle Max returns for more hilarious adventures with his nephew Luke when the zany CBBC TV series Uncle Max – Series 1, Part 2 is released to buy on DVD on 21st July 2008, courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment UK.

Written by and starring TV comedy favourite DAVID SCHNEIDER (Knowing Me, Knowing You, I’m Alan Partridge), Uncle Max is jam-packed with physical comedy and a feast of visual gags, quirky ideas, noises and sounds, but not a word of dialogue. A big kid himself, he’s just the kind of uncle every child would love.

Featuring six side-splitting episodes from the first series, including Uncle Max Walks the Dog and Uncle Max Goes to the Dentist, Uncle Max – Series 1, Part 2 is guaranteed to keep kids of all ages entertained this summer.

Max’s (SCHNEIDER) weekly outings with 9-year old Luke (WILLIAM HOWE) are always hilarious and unpredictable. Whatever they do, wherever they go, to the arcade, camping or to the dentist, it’s chaos, disaster and great, great fun! Uncle Max turns everything into a really exciting experience and that’s why he’s such good fun to be with!

Totz2teens Member Review:
For those that havent seen Uncle Max yet with their children you will be thinking what a bizarre programme but it is a really lovely way of guiding your children's sense of humour towards slapstick.  There is no speaking involved so therefore everything is visual which again makes it funnier.  We sat down to watch the video and we were all chortling with laughter at the strangest things this man and his nephew get up to.  Why his Sister lets him look after the boy week after week I dont know.  The children really understood the humour and the fact that it was inappropriate.  We really did find this funny.  So much so that the DVD has been on again whilst I type this.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  5/5


The Water horse: Legend of the deep
DVD £19.99    Blu-ray £24.99

The legend of the Loch and its mysterious inhabitant has captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide for generations. Now the ancient myth is brought vividly to life in the enchanting The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, available to buy on DVD, Blu-ray and UMDTM Video and to rent on DVD from 30th June 2008, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Based on the much-loved novel by acclaimed children’s author DICK KING-SMITH (The Sheep-Pig), The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep boasts an incredible cast, including Academy Award®-nominee EMILY WATSON (Gosford Park, Angela’s Ashes), BEN CHAPLIN (The Thin Red Line, The Truth About Cats and Dogs), DAVID MORRISSEY (Derailed, TV’s Sense and Sensibility) and ALEX ETEL (Millions, TV’s Cranford).

The story begins when a lonely young boy named Angus MacMorrow (ETEL) takes home a strange object he finds on the beach. He soon realises that it is a magical egg and finds himself raising an amazing creature: a mythical ‘water horse.’ Angus and the creature, who he names Crusoe, soon form a strong bond of friendship, and Angus begins an extraordinary journey of discovery, protecting a secret that gives birth to a legend.

Boasting breathtaking special effects created by the special-effects team behind The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and Charlotte's Web, this release is perfect entertainment for the whole family this summer. The DVD is also packed with unmissable special features, including interviews with cast and crew and deleted scenes.

Totz2teens Member Review:  The Water Horse is a delightful story of a young boy finding a rock which turned out to be The Water Horse which is a magical creature which lives in the loch.  Before it dies it lays an egg which then keeps on the Water Horse species.  The story is told by an old man and it takes you back to World War 2 time when the man was a boy.  He was the boy who found the rock.  The army took over much of their house for war efforts and soon discovered about the creature. They then attempt to kill it.  When they come to up-to-date time a young boy finds an egg.  The special effects were excellent especially with the missiles going off.

I would give this 5/5.  It was thoroughly engaging and I would really love to see a sequal with the young boy William.

(Totz2teens Member's son age 11)


Postman Pat's Big Boat Adventure
Follow the adventures of Postman Pat® and his trusty side-kick Jess the Cat® in this new action packed DVD, ‘Postman Pat’s Big Boat adventure’, out on 17th March 2008.  Join Pat and friends in five fantastic episodes including  ‘Postman Pat’s Big Boat Adventure’, ‘Postman Pat’s Spy Mission’, ‘Postman Pat and the Talking Cat’, Postman Pat and the Secret Superhero’ and ‘Postman Pat Gets Stuck’.   In ‘Postman Pat’s Big Boat Adventure’, Pat has a special package to help Ted fix his boat.  Pat gets the part over to Ted and lends him a helping hand. When Reverend Timms appears, in a moment of clumsiness he casts them off from shore!  Without a working engine, they’re adrift on the lake where it will take a lot of team work and a special furry friend to help them get back to shore safely.  

As well as the fantastic on screen adventures, the DVD also includes an interactive game, ‘Rescue Pat’s Friends’, play all & episode selection features and a DVD-ROM which features colouring-in sheets and two games (a spelling game and a word search game). 

Postman Pat’s Boat Adventure is available from March 17 from all good retailers priced £9.99 (RRP).  Visit www.postmanpat.com for more information. 

Totz2teens Member Review:  Postman Pat's Big Boat Adventure DVD is packed full of Postman Pat stories.  Ideal for any Postman Pat fan.  My children watched this in the car on a fairly long journey and it kept them quiet and happy.  It lasted there and back so its quite a long DVD which makes the price more reasonable than some children's DVDs that are very short.  My family is already a Postman Pat fan and it was a pleasure to review this great DVD.  Jess of course plays a pivotal part in most of the stories and without giving the stories away Pat usually manages to sort everything out in the end.  We would recommend this DVD to any family as it made us all chuckle (especially when pats trousers got ripped and show is boxers LOL

The DVD contains some games to play through a DVD player but also some if popped into a computer too so again its content is quite varied.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  5/5

Totz2teens member Review: Awww the familiar refrain of the theme tune just makes me feel all snuggly and happy. My little boy has just turned 3 and loves Postman Pat so we snuggled together on the settee for a real treat.

There are 5 episodes on this DVD each about 15 mins long.

The first episode is about the Big Boat. Pat's old mucker Ted Glenn has a boat ( he is an amazing chap Ted Glenn, his hoversuit makes an appearance too in another episode) and Ted, Pat and the Reverend end up marooned in the river.

Our personal favourite which really made us giggle our heads off was Postman Pat and the Secret Superhero. Won't give the plot away and ruin it for you. But it was great fun.

None of the episodes were disappointing. All the usual Postman Pat charm is still evident which is really good news because it's good to know that there is quality TV.

It does feature the children in the village alot whom I can never remember the names ( but that is my age showing there). But Mrs Goggins and PC Selby are still there keeping the village in good order.

I am not sure how much it would cost to buy so not sure on the value but if the usual cost for kids DVD's then I'd say it is worth buying or renting for those of us who are Postman Pat fans regardless of age.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  5/5

Click for hi-res image Sesame Street - Elmo's World - Wake up with Elmo
To coincide with the 30th Anniversary since the creation of Sesame Street's most popular character, Elmo, Abbey Home Media will be releasing Elmo's World Wake up with Elmo.   The DVD follows Elmo and his friends as they attempt to learn a variety of everyday activities, Buttoning a shirt, brushing teeth or going to bed are all given the 'Elmo' treatment teaching children in a fun and entertaining way.  Elmo's World is the perfect place for preschoolers to learn about the world around them.  This is the first time any Sesame Street programme has been available on DVD in the UK.  Elmo's World consists of 15-20 minute segments featuring Elmo, a red furry monster perpetually 3 1/2 years old who speaks in the third person.  The show also features Mr Noodle, a human mime character and Elmo's Pet goldfish Dorothy.  Each episode features catchy music, special animated segments mixed with live action footage to stimulate the preschooler.  The DVD comes with a good behaviour wall chart giving parents the opportunity to chart their Childs progress.

Totz2teens Member Review:  The fun loving curious little Monster Elmo finds himself in some delightful scenarios such as learning about going to bed, buttoning a shirt or brushing teeth.  I particularly liked Dorothy the fish in the sleeping episode as a bed was placed in her bowl.  My little boy wanted her to sleep on the bed and it was quite funny.  Mr Noodle made my son laugh so much which is obviously designed perfectly for children's minds.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching this together and he has watched it since many a time too.  It was great fun watching the sesame street characters as I have to say I hadnt really shown my son the wonders but I can see how much he has enjoyed it through this DVD.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  4/5
Jurassic Park Explorer DVD Game

With Christmas shopping on the horizon make sure your family is entertained this Christmas with one of Universal Pictures fantastic DVD games. This years’ selection is better than ever with both new editions of classic titles and brand new DVD games to keep the whole family entertained!  If sitting around, bored, watching TV and feeling very full is a common Christmas day experience for you, now you can inject some fun and excitement in to your festive season. Along with new editions of existing popular DVD games, this years’ selection from Universal includes some new fantastic titles for all the family. The DVD Games are; Millionaire Real Cash Prize Edition, They Think It’s All Over, Agatha Christie’s Poirot Murder Mystery “After The Funeral”,  Sally Lindsay’s Party Pub Quiz, Family FortunesTelly Addicts TV Heaven, 321 Hosted by Dusty Bin and Jurassic Park Explorer.

Why not try out one of the demos here - www.universaldvdgames.com

Re-experience one of the most important movie franchises of all time with JURASSIC PARK EXPLORER and discover the lost world of dinosaurs.  This unique combination of trivia, film clips and interactive activities is sure to enthral all who play it – especially the young ones! Featuring footage from all three blockbuster movies, plus all-new, never before seen animation, JURASSIC PARK EXPLORER combines imagination, suspense and science into fun for all

Totz2teens Review:
These DVD games are a great idea and ideally priced for Christmas presents.  On this occasion we were trying out the Jurassic Park game but I have tried the Telly Addicts and Family Fortunes ones before.  The Theme for the Jurassic Park one is 'obviously' Dinosaurs.  For the knowledgeable ones (or the ones that think they are knowledgeable) this is ideal.  The menu takes you through so you can choose the game you wish to play and go back to ones perhaps you havent completed.  I knew that we needed to be 'scouts' as we were inexperienced palaeontologists.  The games were actually quite hard even though we were in easy mode.  As with all DVD Games the information takes times to respond and load however this game seems quite suitable for this as it isnt too highly paced.  My 10 year old found the questions hard however it was nice to prove a know-it-all husband that he isnt right at everything especially when I was the one with the dinosaurs - hahahaha.  (They are your prizes).  The DVD is packed with information about different dinosaurs which is really interesting and I think with repeated play the game would come together better and be a definite hit.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5


Bratz - The Movie - released on DVD 26th November 2007

The all-singing, all-dancing big screen sensation of the summer, BRATZ:  THE MOVIE, is coming to DVD on 26 November 2007 courtesy of Momentum Pictures, much to the delight of the hoards of Bratz fans the length and breadth of the country.   The first live action feature-length adventure based on the UK’s No. 1 fashion doll, BRATZ:  THE MOVIE will have you dancing with delight as you take to the stage with the girls, whilst getting into the groove with the sensational soundtrack.

Unique in their diversity, the world famous Bratz:  Sasha, Chloe, Jade and Yasmin each come from different social, economic and ethnic backgrounds.  Inseparable since they first met, the girls have been “BFF” – Best Friends Forever and have always supported each other’s personalities, talents and fabulous fashion styles.  Friends matter, a message endorsed by the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA), a group of organizations who work together to reduce bullying and create safer environments.

Directed by Sean McNamara (Raise Your Voice), who single-handedly launched the careers of Shia LeBeouf, Hilary Duff and Jessica Alba, and produced by Avi Arad (Spider-Man 2 & 3 and X Men: The Last Stand), BRATZ:  THE MOVIE features four hugely talented young stars – Nathalia Ramos, Janel Parrish, Logan Browning and Skyler Shaye.  Starring alongside the girls is Oscar winner Jon Voight as the their strict ruling principal at the super hip Carry Nation High, and Chelsea Staub as the resident ‘mean girl’.

When the BRATZ start High School, the four girls face a brand new world.  Their individual attitude and passion for fashion make them the talk of the classroom – much to the annoyance of Principal Dimly’s daughter, and self-proclaimed school princess, Meredith.  As she tries to drive the girls apart, the BRATZ rise up together and ultimately learn the value of true friendship.

Visit www.bratzthemovie.co.uk for more information including games and exclusive downloads!

Make your own special Snowshaker:  www.bratzthemovie.co.uk/snowshaker

Bratz Christmas wishlist which can be customized www.bratzthemovie.co.uk/wishlist

Totz2teens Review:  A must for all lovers of girly films.  The plot is slightly predictable but this doesnt matter as the story takes you along twists and turns of friendships.  Of course in an exaggerated way but I found myself enjoying this film even though I was probably against the 'bratz' culture.  This sort of changed my mind.  The girls didnt come over as totally precocious which perhaps they had done in the cartoon.  If you take this as a high school girlie film you wont be disappointed.  The morals are there as are the difficult relationships that many teens will experience.  The film also has touching moments too with the 'lonely' girl being upset when her friends went off in their new groups but dont panic it all turns out ok in the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am sure this will be a great hit and if (like me) you werent keen on bratz dont worry.  This film is fine and I am sure you will find yourself watching it too.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5


evan almighty Evan Almighty - released on DVD 26th November 2007

Award-winning actors STEVE CARELL and MORGAN FREEMAN head the cast of EVAN ALMIGHTY, a comedy blockbuster for all ages which re-visits elements of the traditional Noah’s Ark theme and sees Steve Carell reprise his Bruce Almighty role as Evan Baxter. Jam-packed with all the ingredients that make for great family entertainment from a fantastic cast to more than 177 different species of animals.

Totz2teens Member Review:  Finding a film to suit the whole family can be a bit tedious so when I made a point that we were watching Evan Almighty there were a few groans HOWEVER, everyone thoroughly enjoyed this film.  The story is about Evan who takes on a new job as a congressman and moves to a large house on a new development.  He then is surprised when they are offered a large office with perks. Evan prays that everything will be ok and that his family will be happy.  This is then when things get rather dodgy for him.  His facial hair grows rapidly and he cant keep on his suit.  The animals then start appearing before him and there are some very funny bird poo scenes.  (It has to be done!!!! doesnt it?)  Evan is instructed by god that he has to build an ark and after much persuasion he eventually does start to create the most beautiful ark.  Everyone mocks him as they do not see the need for it.  To tell you the rest would spoil the later part of the film.  This was definately one film you can watch with the whole family and you wont be disappointed.

Totz2teens Member Rating:   5/5

Jim, Jam & Sunny - Time to Play   RRP £9.99

When brother and sister duo Jim Jam & Sunny arrived on our TV screens back in the autumn of 2006 on CiTV with their first-ever TV series they became an instant success with pre-schoolers across the UK.  Created by the team behind the phenomenally successful Tweenies, characters Jim Jam & Sunny have now made their own mark on the astute pre-school audience with their own unique love of discovery, learning, and play.  And that’s what Jim Jam & Sunny’s debut DVD is all about: celebrating new real-life experiences through music, games and stories with Jim Jam and his big sister Sunny, who share their adventures with their favourite toys.  Every time Jim Jam & Sunny enter the room Gigi the Pony, Nobby a cuddly Monkey Bear, Slim the Giraffe, Mouth the bean toy and Bot the Robot come to life so they can join in the fun!

 “Time to Play” will captivate children for up to an hour with six episodes from the colourful and fun world of Jim Jam, Sunny and their toy friends called Dancing, Tiger, Dressing Up, Red, Car and Square

Set in a real life house with garden, each new adventure is filled with singing, dancing, playing, stories and fun interaction.  Shown from a child’s own perspective, every day in the world of Jim Jam & Sunny is exciting and brings with it new encounters: from learning that tigers are big with orange and black stripes and have claws and teeth; understanding that dressing-up is a great way of creating your own story and having lots of fun with friends; and that water is wet.  Life’s all about enjoying yourself when you’re between one and five years old!

A brand new feature, and never previously incorporated into a children’s DVD, is the innovative “play all songs” segment:  children can sing-along to all fourteen songs they’ve heard throughout the six episodes which are grouped together for the first time. Specifically created for pre-schoolers who love repetition and musical interaction this new feature will undoubtedly be a popular section on the DVD, and means that parents no longer need to spend endless hours using the remote control to ‘skip’ through episodes in a bid to find those favourite songs!  "Time to Play” also features six games specifically created for pre-schoolers to accompany the episodes. There’s also an additional bonus feature for downloading a selection of DVD-ROM pictures, suitable for budding Jim Jam & Sunny colouring enthusiasts!  

Totz2teens Member Review:
I love seeing little children copying dancing on the tv.  This DVD allows for this by having jigging around from the characters throughout.  A very jolly fun DVD which is packed full of fun and activities with music and singing.

My little guy was mesmerised by the fun and the growling in the tiger episode was hilarious.  He has me in stitches. 

We found this DVD entertaining and I am sure this iwll be one he picks out very regularly.

Totz2teens Member Rating: 5/5


Postman Pat's Christmas Eve

All of Greendale is covered in crisp white snow and the villagers are excitedly getting ready for Christmas.

It is a busy time for Postman Pat – he has lots of cards and presents to deliver in time for the big day – when disaster strikes!  Ajay is in Pencaster picking up the village Christmas tree when the Greendale Rocket gets stuck in the snow!  Can Pat, with the help of Amy’s horse Pumpkin, come to the rescue?

In a truly magical Christmas episode, join Pat and friends, in his new DVD Postman Pat Christmas Eve, to find out if he can get Ajay and the tree back to the village in time for Christmas.

PLUS - to really get viewers in the festive mood, this bumper DVD pack comes with an exclusive limited edition Postman Pat inflatable Christmas tree!

The DVD collection also includes four other fantastic Pat adventures; Postman Pat’s Ice Capade, Postman Pat Goes Undercover, Postman Pat’s Clifftop Adventure and Postman Pat’s Pet Rescue which fans young and old will enjoy again and again.

As well as all the adventures on screen, the DVD includes two interactive games (Christmas Train memory game and spot the difference), as well as a DVD-ROM which features colouring-in and dot-to-dot activities.

Postman Pat Christmas Eve is available from November 19 from all good retailers priced £9.99 (RRP).  

Visit www.postmanpat.com for more information.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  This DVD was fun and Noah enjoyed watching the Christmassy episodes and asked me if Santa Claus was coming.  The first episode was about Christmas eve and the school nativity (well Cinderella) lol and the second episode was general snow frivolity and everything going wrong and shock horror NO POST as the train wouldn't work!!!!

The special features are fun and child friendly...

My son wandered off half way through the second episode!!!  There were in total 4 or 5 episodes on this DVD... i didn't realise as I turned it off because my son got fed up... he came back 15 minutes later and wanted it back on so I put it back on and was astonished to find many more episodes.

Totz2teens Member Rating:   4 out of 5


Postman Pat - Summer Spectacular
Postman Pat's Summer Spectacular  £5.99
For young fans this summer there can be no better way of enjoying the holidays than
getting Postman Pat - and his black and white cat - to join in the fun!

Join Postman Pat for Summer Fun in Greendale!

It's Summer time and the folks of Greendale are going to celebrate the good weather with an exciting Fun Run followed by a delicious barbecue and some lovely strawberries and cream!

1. Postman Pat Fun Run        2. Postman Pat & the Stolen Strawberries

Introducing Jim Jam & Sunny - Sun

With educational 'Strawberry Spelling Game'

Totz2teens Review:
A great DVD.  This DVD combines some lovely Postman Pat stories with some little songs from some TV favourites such as Rupert the bear and Jim Jam & Sunny.  Any Postman Pat fan will love this DVD.  The only downside was I found it a bit awkward to navigate through the menus and it wasn't one you could let your child just do themselves but really that was the only negative.  Postman Pat remains to be a great family favourite and this DVD gives any child the time to settle in with Greendale's Famous Postman.

Totz2teens Rating:  4/5

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