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SO MEDIEVAL!    Dragon Rules DVD

Medieval Girl Power has certainly taken C5 weekends by storm – the animated tv series JANE AND THE DRAGON is currently knocking the competition into touch with its regular Saturday and Sunday  morning broadcasts.  To celebrate the popularity of the series Fremantle Media is releasing JANE AND THE DRAGON Dragon Rules! on DVD for the first time on 10 March 2008 – just in time for Easter.  Created by the multiple Oscar™ Award-winning Weta Productions and   Multiple Emmy Award-winning Nelvana, JANE AND THE DRAGON is a force to be reckoned with! 

Featuring six great episodes JANE AND THE DRAGON shows that dreams really can come true – Jane dreams of becoming a Knight in the King’s Guard but is actually training to be a Lady-in-Waiting but one day a dragon comes and steals the Royal Prince.  Jane sets off to confront the beast in his cave and makes friends with the big 300 year old puppy! For saving his son the King makes Jane an apprentice Knight.

Jane is smart, brave and independent; someone who stands up for herself and her friends.  She will not back down, not for anyone!  Sometimes she feels the whole world is set against her – her parents disapprove of her ambition to be a Knight.  The other Knights are dead against it, especially the chauvinistic Ivon.  The Prince is jealous for if he can’t be a Knight then why should a mere girl?

JANE AND THE DRAGON is a show that encapsulates a young girl’s struggle in a man’s world and her gutsy determination and humour as she proves everybody who doubts her wrong. Her touching friendship with the quick-witted Dragon and the quests she must go on in order to prove herself and protect her friends will keep any modern girl with a dream captivated.


Try out the Jane and the Dragon Colouring Pages - Bound to be fun - Click Here to download

RRP:                 £9.99
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Totz2teens Member Review:
My son thoroughly enjoyed this DVD.  So much so he sat and watched the whole thing in one sitting.  My son says that Jane and the Dragon is exciting and fun and very easy to watch.  His favourite characters were Smith the Blacksmith and Dragon (The Dragon!!!) .  Smith was cool when he helped to cure the poorly Dragon.  Dragon was also his favourite -  this was because he is a Dragon and my son loves all things Dragon related.    He said this Dragon was very kind and wanted to help people.

Jane is special because she is a girl but she is also a Knight which is usually only for Men so she must have worked really hard.  The Little Princess is really cute as she has her own special Dragon Wings and she likes playing at saving princesses.  There are lots of really good characters throughout these stories and they all work very well together.

As you can tell my son really enjoyed this DVD so much so he is already watching it again!  We also found a website which has some printable colouring sheets amongst other fun activities - www.janeandthedragondvd.co.uk

We thoroughly recommend this DVD - A great little treat for all


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