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Fire & Stone | Deliciously Different Pizzas

Fabulous Meal at Fire & Stone

A half term day trip to London gave us the opportunity to try out Fire & Stone Restaurant in Covent Garden.  It was extremely easy to find and not far at all in fact it was very easy walking distance from the tube stations and railway stations.

We were immediately welcomed and taken to our tables.  The restaurant is large, a very clean and contemporary design yet managing to create a warm and appealing atmosphere. 

When we arrived it was not very busy but as we ate our meal the restaurant filled up with lots of guests.  There were a great mix of families, couples, work colleagues or friends.  Kids menu at Fire & Stone

I was aware that there was plenty of space at the tables to allow for children.  The children's menu is part of a booklet with lots of lovely activities for them to do whilst having the meal.  Fire & Stone have teamed up with My Daddy Cooks Nick Coffer to bring about a slightly different concept for pizza.  I was interested to see there is a FIshfinger pizza which seems strange but does actually fit in very well.  There is plenty of choice of toppings or pasta plus the child gets a dessert and a drink all for £5.95.  I loved that the activity booklet includes the recipe for the Tiffin Cake which is the pudding.  I do believe we will have to try this out for ourselves.  Heavenly divine.

We chose our drinks and continued to peruse the menu.  We did not feel rushed but very much catered for.  The menu has an incredible range of starters and main courses so we did struggle to chose.  I loved that the pizzas are inspired by different continents so you were able to appreciate the theme your pizza toppings may arrive at.

Three of us chose Mozzarella Garlic bread to start and one had crisp fried breaded baby mozzarella.  These all arrived and looked delicious.  Perhaps the staff were a little over zealous in asking how everything was as it was quite often throughout the meal that at least two people would do the rounds asking.

Both my children chose the Naples - cheese and tomato- pizza which looked really very appetising.  My husbands Pizza was called a London which was topped with Mozzarella, tomato sauce, crispy bacon, Cumberland sausage, roasted field mushrooms, free range egg and chives.   He chose not to have the egg which was dealt with with no fuss at all.  I had a Texas - Barbecue sauce, mozzarella, barbecued rump steak, roasted red onions, roasted field mushrooms and  sun-dried tomato salsa which I had on the side.  I chose to go thinner and crispier too on mine which came out beautifully.

Everyone polished off their meals with great gusto whilst we talked about the Imperial War Museum we had visited during the day and the show Wicked we were going to that night.  I loved that the table has enough room for us all to sit comfortably and that our legs were not all entwined as often happens at pizza places. 

My Texas pizza was really so yummy.  I was a bit worried as it had bbq sauce on and that could have been a bit iffy but I was reassured it wasn't too bad and that I could have the salsa on the side in case I didn't want it on the pizza which was so helpful.

Puddings - so much choice but in the end we decided to have the Sweet Slider - The slider offers Fire &Stone’s favourite desserts in smaller, more manageable sizes. The five mini desserts are served on a rustic board and are an ideal sharing option.  Five of the scrumptious desserts have been included on the slider menu, from the Banoffee Pie pizza, nut Florentines, almond biscotti to the gooey chocolate brownies, allowing everyone to enjoy a sweet treat.  

We have never tried a sweet pizza before but it is definitely worth trying - The Banoffee pie pizza is a heavenly dessert is made from a sweet pizza base with banoffee sauce, freshly sliced bananas and Vanilla Ice Cream!  Shame I had to share it between us all.

I was also impressed because our food did turn up looking like pictures I had seen.  I've included our photo of the Slider and the 'menu' one.  I think that's a pretty good likeness.


We would very much recommend visiting Fire & Stone.  They have some great lunch time offers such as lunch for £4.95 (pizza, pasta or salad) and another offer I have seen was 2 pizza for £10.  Along with the children's menu I think this would make a great place to eat whilst experiencing London whether you are a local or a tourist.

And fear not - If you aren't visiting London it is not a problem - there are some other Fire & Stone Restaurants around the UK too. 

Fire & Stone | Deliciously Different Pizzas



These are the details of the restaurant we visited.

31/32 Maiden Lane
Covent Garden

0844 371 2550

Opening Hours
12 - 11 Sun - Wed     12 - 12 Thurs - Sat


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