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The ‘Gadget Show Live @ Christmas’ event has kicked off in London’s Earls Court exhibition centre, showcasing the latest toys, gadgets and games that will be available this Christmas.

A great time was had by all at The Gadget Show Live @ Christmas yesterday.  Parking was easy but a little pricey but then in London what do you really expect.  (We drove as we wanted to be there early in the day and trains at that time are just too expensive - plus with me having a mobility problem it is easier for me as I can take my mobility scooter. 

Once inside visitors are encouraged to light up the Christmas trees using kinetic energy from plates provided by Pavagen Systems.  A great spectacle to see people walking on the plates and lighting the sparkly Christmas tree lights.  

The game zone is crammed full of the latest consoles.  We were able to try out the forthcoming Xbox One at the Microsoft booth, while gamers will get the opportunity to take the new PS4 for a spin at the Sony booth.

The Gadget Show presenters:  Jason Bradbury, Pollyanna Woodward and Jon Bentley presented an incredibly tech-tastic show in the Super Theatre.


This was a great chance to experience first hand lots of different tablets and I especially liked the way the kids were involved and trying out ones like the Kurio which is able to handle different user accounts making life a whole lot easier for families sharing the tablet.

Young Drivers - 11-17 year olds can learn to drive either as a course or perhaps as a birthday party treat.  I liked this idea and suspect many young teens would relish in this chance to drive a real car.

I loved watching everyone whizzing around the 'alpine terrain' on the electric bikes.

If you are always losing a pen or perhaps you simply don't carry one around then the JackPen could be for you.  The teeny pen simply fits into to your headphone socket of a mobile, you reinsert it the other end and wham your phone is a pen.  at only £3.99 for 3 these are a good novelty gadget especially for that man in your life that expects you to carry the pens.

I liked the mobio pivot - it's a nifty little gadget that allows you to use a tablet hands free (if on a table)  I liked the fact it clicks off so easily --- the only draw back Peter felt was that there is no way of having a protective cover over the ipad itself.sd CURVED DISPLAY

Peter and Bens favourite item was the SD-Cobra Curved Display with its panoramic display from simulationdisplays. Classed as a fully immersive experience the boys!  were planning on how we could create a vacant bedroom so this could fit in as a games room. 

For parents I believe the Cyberroam netgenie offers a super system to protect your family from the wrong internet content!  I particularly liked the timer aspect that allowed you to put a restriction in place very simply with the parental controls to the router.

I took time to try out the back in action Mobiliser.  Firstly my spine was measured using a spinalyser, I then had a 15 minute session on the Mobiliser where my body received a deep-spinal massage by the table.  It was certainly a strange feeling but not unpleasant at all.  After my session I was measured again and shown the print outs of my results.  It was quite clear that I had been given considerable more flexability not only from the results sheet but also the free movement I was experiencing too. 

I would also recommend getting the Official Show Guide as this has loads of brilliant articles and of course, a thorough guide to the show.

If you have missed this show then I would recommend going to The Gadget Show Live being held in April 2014 at the NEC Birmingham.  (another easy location to access for many)

You can talk to me more about my visit by popping over to the totz2teens discussion forum

Yolanda, Peter and Ben Barker




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