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His and Hers
RRP 29.99 Drumond Park

On hearing that this game is part of the Logo Game family I was very excited. 

Men are endlessly mystified about the contents of a woman's handbag, their wardrobe and what they read in their magazines... equally, women don't understand a man's need for gadgets, power tools and their obsession with sport.

The His and Hers board game is a celebration of our differences as seen through everyday THINGS. Divide your friends into single sex teams, and have some FUN celebrating what makes women women and men men.

His and Hers is definitely not a "rude and crude" game, but please note that a few of the questions do have adult content.

HIS and HERS follows the same hugely successful picture and recognition formula as 2009's Number One best-selling board game, LOGO and 2010's sister product, the family game Best of British.

The difference from the other Logo Games is that these is for 2 teams and recommended For Ages 16 Plus.

Having friends round was the perfect opportunity to try out His and Hers.  Luckily we have played other Logo Games so although some rules are different it didn't take long for us to pick it up.

Girls against Boys always means war mwahhhhhh.  Luckily the girls bond more so we knew we could do ok.  The lads didnt do badly - but then we had to let them win a bit otherwise they would have sulked.  The questions were fair and I loved the slightly different subject matters.  I was surprised at how much 'MAN' stuff I knew.  I wasn't surprised at how much GIRLIE stuff my husband knew - he is a brainbox after all.   The only downside I see to this game is perhaps its not so much family orientated but that doesn't matter as equally its great to have a game to play with friends that you don't play with the kids. 

I love the thought process of this game and the competition it brings.   It is also quite fun to play this just with my husband.

Totz2teens rating:  4/5

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