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Enterprize’s Family Adventure


Journey 2:  The Mysterious Island

Wow! What a fantastic morning out!  Our adventure started about an hour before the film started when we came face to face with several very friendly reptiles and amphibians. After some very close encounters, rewarded with ruck sacks and our own toy lizards we tasted some very interesting snacks - edible ants, mealworms and crickets!

We then went in to see the film.  We were not too sure what to expect as we had not seen the previous film Journey to the Centre of the Earth.  We need not have worried the film was really good.  There was lots of action to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

The film started with Sean (Josh Hutcherson) being stopped by the police for breaking in to a communications satellite building. He was rescued by his step father (Dwayne Johnson) who he was having a very strained relationship with.  The two began their bonding while solving the mysterious communication Sean had received at the satellite building from his Grandfather (Michael Caine). The pair took a trip to the South Pacific to look for the mysterious island.  They buy the services of Gabato (Luis Guzman) the helicopter pilot and his daughter Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens) to help in their quest. What they find there you will have to see for yourself but will say that the scenery was breathtaking.

Poor Gabato, the film makers really had it in for him, what with bird pooh, being buried in sand and many other mishaps.

The film gives you a bit of everything, comedy, adventure, a love story and plenty of suspense! 

The story links to several books by Jules Verne, any Vernians will love the references to his literature and if like me you have never read one of his books I bet it won’t be long before you do!

This is a real family film, small children may find some scenes a bit scary but there were plenty of little ones that sat happily through the film while we were there. 

This film is definitely worth a trip out during half term. 

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