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When I found out my sister was expecting her first baby I was looking for ideas for presents.

I have been so excited and then it dawned on me.  What am I going to buy her.  I will make some gifts that's our family way but also it is nice to offer something useful for her and her new baby. 

I then came across Almondella.  How pleased was I!  The idea is that you can either have a box for when the baby is born or you can continue it on over a period of time thus its a gift that keeps on giving. 

I have been very fortunate that Almondella would like me to tell you all about a special delivery they have sent me to try out.

Delivering you a monthly box of gorgeous gifts from the hottest European brands at up to 50% off

Launched 2 years ago Almondella is already a huge success across most of Europe and has now arrived here is the UK!  This exciting gifting concept is set to change the way new parents go about discovering inspirational new brands for themselves and their baby.

Whether you are a new mum yourself or looking for the perfect gift for an expectant loved one, trying to find that special something isnít always easy. With so much choice and new brands coming along all the time it can be very overwhelming to know which brands to trust and which products to choose from. Thatís where Almondella comes in. Almondella have done all the hard work for you, scouring the whole of Europe to seek out the most stylish and practical products from all the best designers before carefully hand-picking the most thoughtful gifts tailored to your babyís age and delivering them direct to your door each month in a beautifully wrapped box.

The neat cardboard box arrived with the Almondella tape sealing the box so I knew I had a treat ahead.

Opening the box I was faced with a package in tissue paper.  This is a beautiful touch making the gift feel more cared for.

A handy contents letter is included with a list of all the products and their RRP.  My box has an RRP of £53.

I can tell that the contents have been seriously thought about and put together in a package that makes for a perfect selection.

My box is a bathtime box so I have been given

An Organic Hooded Towel by Imsevimse - An orange fox hooded towel which looks of excellent quality.  Any baby will look so very cute

Washable wipes by Imsevimse - a pack of 12 wipes that can be reused.  So practical and extremely useful.  Again made from Organic cotton.

Hair Brush with Natural Bristles - a quality baby hair brush with wooden handle and natural bristle to ensure any baby looks oh so cute.

Nail Scissors - A must to keep those little nails trim.  I found out to my peril that babies are actually born with quite long nails.  My first born scratched his face quite badly in the first few days.

Cheeky Baby Barrier Cream by Pittapatta - A nourishing barrier cream made from a blend of Mango butter, shea nut butter, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E oil.  Plus a bespoke blend of herbs that are specific to young sensitive skin.

Everything in the Almondella box is clearly going to be used.  No wasted products that look useful but the reality is they are sat gathering dust for a long time.  This is a bathtime box which I know will be well used for a good long time to come.

I know this is an amazing gift and I think that if people are looking for a baby shower gift or baby gift this is perfect.  Even if a few friends clubbed together to create the gift it means the baby and Mum will be receiving a perfect useable, great quality gift.

Almondella have created 36 baby boxes with the most beautiful selection of care products, toys & clothing each of which has been thoughtfully put together to take you through all your baby's developmental milestones.  Suitable from 0-3 years.

Each box contains up to 5 products and has a retail saving of up to 50%.

Almondella boxes make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, especially if they are living abroad. The boxes can be delivered anywhere in Europe completely free of charge. 

You simply need to pick a subscription of 1, 3 or 6 months, tell Almondella the babyís gender and age, or motherís due date, and then sit back and wait for your Almondella box to be delivered.

Subscriptions start from £37 a month. You can even do a trial box for just £12.


Treat yourself and your baby with Almondella gift boxes!
- Now launched in the UK




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