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Ariel 3in1 Pods

Ariel AmbrosiaThe small yet mighty three-in-one Pod
One liquid for brightening, one powder for stain removal, one detergent for cleaning. Wouldn’t it be so much simpler if it all came in one form?

Well luckily for us, this is exactly what the Ariel 3in1 Pods do. Gone are the days of having to buy separate products to do different things. Popping one Ariel 3in1 Pod in with your laundry does it all for you!

Here’s how it works

Green – this is a super compact detergent that contains the new ‘cleaning active boosters’ to help the detergent reach the dirt quicker and clean your clothes!

White – with a unique cocktail of six enzymes designed to combat a large spectrum of everyday stains, this will lift any grass stain off a uniform!

Blue – thanks to the revolutionary three compartments, combinations of the right ingredients are released at the right time to deliver outstanding brightness to your laundry.

I have been reviewing Ariel 3in1 pods.  I am a member of supersavvyme where I sometimes get products to review and of course I share my thoughts with you too.

Firstly pods.  These are great.  No mess.  No measuring.  Its great when my teenagers do the washing as they can just pop one in the machine, no fuss.  No grains all over the floor and worktop.  For me this a huge advantage.

They come in a handy container which fits neatly on the windowsill so again no effort. (a must)

I am pleased to report that once the washing is complete there are no bits of pod left or scummy leftovers on the washing.  I am a big fan of liquid and the pods seem to be a great invention for the lazy houseperson.  (I must also add that for me they are great because being disabled it means I do not have to bend or risk spilling everything everywhere which does happen otherwise. 

My son works in a chip shop so comes home with smelly clothing.  The Ariel 3in1 pods have ensured the clothing does not smell at all once the wash is complete.

A relief. 



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