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Baby Not Included - Bamba's Chatter Boxes Baby Signing Kit
Product Review

babynotincluded - have a great range of funky clothing and accessories for your baby and toddler. They have baby outfits, dresses, shorts, trousers, and much more.  They have kindly offered totz2teens the chance to test out the Bamba baby signing kit.

Bamba's Chatter Boxes Baby Signing Kit   £29.99

Suitable for all babies from six months, this award winning premium quality kit contains Bamba, a cuddly monkey and 5 plush toys each one representing baby's first words.

Also included is an easy-to-read signing instruction booklet showing more useful signs  Quick signing reference guide on inside box lid
Each item has been individually designed to appeal to your baby's senses. Made from the highest quality fabrics and materials, they are very tactile.

Discover the techniques used by speech and language therapists to communicate with babies. Bamba was created and developed by experienced Speech and Language therapists to promote early communication skills in all babies without complex learning cycles for their parents.

visit babynotincluded for more information or to purchase
Totz2teens Members Initial Review:
I volunteered my youngest son who will be 6 months in a weeks time. I have to admit to being a baby signing novice but thought it could be a good excuse to spend some one-2-one with my baby.

Well woweeeee....

Unwrapped the parcel to find the most gorgeous sturdy box. Inside there is Bamba an adorable cuddly monkey who rattles and has a scrunchy bottom. But he is not alone .....
There are 5 other 'toys' to assist with learning how to baby sign;
A mirror beautifully decorated to be baby safe
A cuddly spoon !
A cuddly baby bottle !!
Bath mitt

All in matching colours and a picture of Bamba on them. All to be of very high quality.   There is also a booklet that is informative, short and simple to understand on how to use the kit.   Having read the book I am advised to select 2 signs from the initial 6 they suggest (more are included for later). We have opted for sleep and eating to start with.

This kit suggests starting baby signing around 6-8 months but I think the toys included have lots of mileage in them for further use. My baby son already thinks Bamba has tasty chewable arms and older children would be able to bathe/feed and put Bamba to bed.

This would make an attractive and original gift. It is of excellent quality and very well designed.

Totz2teens Member Rating:  So far this gets 5/5 

Watch this space for more from our reviewer of the Bamba baby signing kit soon!!

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